EP 216: Reader Question – How do I deal with people being uncomfortable with my not drinking?

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There’s no denying that there’s an awkward tension in the room when we’re the only ones not drinking – especially when we’re newly alcohol free. So, how do we deal with this? Annie tells us not only HOW to deal with this, but also gives us insight into WHY there’s an elephant in the room when we choose not to drink.

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Not Drinking Makes Others Uncomfortable

I bet you never thought that you not drinking would make others uncomfortable. I mean there must have been more to your relationship other than the alcohol, right? The truth is not drinking makes others uncomfortable because it forces them to tune into their own relationship with alcohol. There was safety in numbers and now you’ve thrown off the balance in the game.

Finding Balance

One of the best way you can combat how your not drinking makes others uncomfortable is to make it a non-issue. Let them know from the beginning that it’s a choice you’re making for you but they are free to continue drinking, without any judgement from you. Your choice has nothing to do with them.

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