EP 210: Reader Question – Why Hasn’t My Family Noticed?

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Why do smokers get all the accolades when they decide to quit but when someone quits drinking, it’s a different story. And even worse yet, what if nobody notices that we’ve quit drinking? Annie gives us some possible reasons why those who are closest to us might not be giving us the attention we want and deserve.

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Family Support Quitting Drinking

Have you stopped drinking and no one has noticed? Were you expecting family support quitting drinking?

I think what’s probably happening here is just complete miscommunication. I have a feeling that they’re very, very proud of you. They are noticing every single night, and they’re just crossing their fingers, hoping it will continue. It’s just that they don’t want to say anything because they don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable or weird or maybe interrupt your momentum.

What You Need To Do To Get Family Support Quitting Drinking

I would say what you need to do is just simply end the miscommunication and be really honest about it. Ask if they’ve noticed and if they have any questions. Let them know what has helped you whether it’s reading This Naked Mind or joining in The Alcohol Experiment.

Teaching Moments

Your family can learn more about what has helped you by reading This Naked Mind themselves. Download the first 40 pages here –

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Keep listening to hear more about family support quitting drinking and how you can reach out for it when you need it most.

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