From an 8th grade dropout to a registered nurse, today’s guest packs a powerful podcast punch! Annie introduces Simone, who found herself trying to cope with traumatic events from her childhood and youth by using alcohol to numb the pain. But drinking no longer has a residence in her life! Find out how this overcomer beat the odds and what life is like for her now that she’s free.

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My Story

I was born in 1961 in middle America to an American father and a German immigrant mother. I was the third of three girls brought into an already fractured family. Alcohol was always present in my life. My dad grew up in the poor south and was able to join the air force before he was 18. He met my mom in Germany; they married there and had my two sisters there. When my sister was six weeks old and my oldest sister was one year old, they transferred to his new assignment in the States.

Three months later, my dad was diagnosed with a sarcoma cancer in his left leg. That was 1960. They amputated his leg off at the hip. He was 25 years old. He was gone a complete year while my immigrant mom, with two young babies, was left to manage on her own. When he returned, they quickly got pregnant with me.

Alcohol To Numb

I grew up seeing my dad drinking, and his use increased as time went on. I’m sure he was using alcohol to numb the pain of his own ordeals. My first experience with drinking was not pleasant. It was Everclear with friends and I got sick.

On My Own

At fourteen I hooked up with a boyfriend and mainly lived with his family for 2 years. I dropped completely out of school in the tenth grade. I’ve worked since I was thirteen. At age 16, I had my own apartment – set up by my dad. I was alone and using alcohol to numb the pain of no one caring. At 17, I began a relationship with my first husband, who was nine years older than me. We got pregnant and started a life together.

Ready for More

I wanted something else. Starting college at twenty seven, I graduated with a BS in Nursing. During this time, I didn’t drink often but every time I did it was to get drunk. Two years after I graduated, our marriage ended. I was single for 5 years and during those 5 years, I began to drink after work at home sometimes and my drinking in general escalated.

Numbing Up

In time I met my husband. Our social life seemed to revolve around alcohol and I continued drinking to numb the pain, to fit in and eventually just out of habit. I felt worse and worse. I’ve embarrassed myself too many times to remember. My drinking has been a constant bubbling issue between my husband and I for at least the last 4-5 years and I’ve been concerned about it for longer than that.

Getting Naked

Several experiences led me to your book and podcast. I’m so thankful I found it and realized alcohol could never numb the pain. I had to learn to live without alcohol.

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