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Reader Question – Why doesn’t willpower always work?

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Sometimes when offered a drink, it’s an easy “no thank you”. Other times, it’s almost impossible to say no. Why is it that sometimes we’re okay and other times it’s such a struggle? Annie Grace dives into the world of willpower and shares research information and tips to help us understand this conundrum.

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Why doesn't willpower over alcohol always work?

Recent studies show that willpower which is some feel you need to turn down a drink actually functions more like a muscle. It can get fatigue so if you’ve used your willpower on something else like powering through a hard day at work then your willpower reserves have actually been depleted. Willpower over alcohol is just not reliable, it can ebb and wane depending on what else you have going on.

Willpower over alcohol

Willpower over alcohol probably isn’t the answer when it comes to drinking. In my book I say that you have to make it so that you aren’t sitting there denying a drink and really using your willpower over alcohol to exercise it as much as you’ve changed your mindset around it so that you didn’t want the drink in the first place.

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Changing Your Mindset

Changing your mindset is a much more effective way to control alcohol rather than trying to use willpower over alcohol. I’ve been reading this great book a reader recommended to me called The Little Book of Big Change. Much of her book talks about willpower and how our thoughts can affect it. This is especially true when you consider willpower over alcohol.

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