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In today’s podcast, Annie doesn’t get to do the interviewing! Nope – she’s the one being interviewed. Listen in as Gayle from Sober Bliss puts Annie in the spotlight and gives her the chance to share her story. Annie tells all – from her corporate days of drinking to how This Naked Mind came to be. Annie holds nothing back as she walks us through the last five years of her life and business.

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Sober Bliss

Sober Bliss meets Annie Grace, creator of This Naked Mind. In this inspiring interview Annie shares her story, we talk about why understanding what alcohol is is the key to finding freedom from alcohol. Discover what three things Annie does to avoid overwhelm and maintain balance and find out what is next for This Naked Mind.

My Story

I’ve written two books, This Naked Mind and The Alcohol Experiment. Both books, specifically This Naked Mind, as it was my first, came from really my own journey in finding myself in corporate life, drinking far more than I ever intended, and using it to cope, even when I didn’t really drink much in high school or in college, and really wondering why, when I tried to cut back, it felt painful. It felt like I was missing out, or I was depriving myself of something, especially when I didn’t feel like that before. I had such vivid memories of having a great time without alcohol, relaxing without alcohol, and really my journey to say, “Okay, the big pivotal question was, well, what changed, and how did it change, and what does that mean?”

What I Did

And so, I did something sort of bizarre. I stopped trying to manage, and moderate, and quit drinking. I just said, “All right, I’m going to let that kind of be for a minute.”. It had been causing me so much internal anxiety, so much angst to make promises that I wouldn’t keep. To say, “Okay, nothing until Friday,” and then I’d end up having a few drinks on Wednesday or only two glasses of wine. Then I’d end up having four or five, or more than I could count.

That happening over and over really undermined my confidence. It undermined my belief that I could do this, and undermined my self-worth.

It was a really kind of terrible place to be. I saw that snowball happening and said, “All right, I need to step out of this cycle and just dedicate myself, no matter what the answer is…”

The Missing Link

If I find out the alcohol is actually the missing link in my life, and it’s making everything beautiful and wonderful, I should never stop if that’s what I find out. Okay, but if I find out something else, I’m going to just follow what I learned, and so I really went on this journey to try something different. That took me about 13 months, 12 to 13 months of pretty intense research, but during that time, not trying to moderate, not trying to put brakes on, not trying to do anything, just really saying, “I am going to make the time to understand what’s happening here.” I looked into the brain. I looked into the subconscious mind. Into alcohol, itself. I looked into neurology, and neuroplasticity, and so many things.

That's It

Then, I came out of my office one day and I told my husband. I was like, “All right, well, I think I’m done drinking. So, if you want to drink with me, tonight’s the night. We can have our typical bottle of wine, but then after that, I’m done.”. He was like, “Yeah, right,” didn’t believe me, but we drank our bottle of wine. Then sure enough, that was really it. I just kind of didn’t look back, and it was so freeing because it wasn’t any longer a willpower thing. It wasn’t as if I was trying to abstain from something I wanted, and it was a really, really good time.

Vegas Style

Then, how the book ended up coming about is I was like, okay, other people need to know this stuff I’ve learned. By the way, I was telling my friends, and that’s a good way to lose your friends. Luckily, I have graceful friends, but I literally showed up in Las Vegas on a group that a bunch of us college friends and our husbands were on.

I was like, “You guys, oh my gosh, can you believe this? Alcohol does this to your brain, and alcohol does this to your body. What are we doing? Our whole society is being duped.”

I’m just on this soapbox bandwagon, like, insanity. They’re just like, “What has happened to you? What have you done with my friend?” But I did feel so powerful, like somebody does want this information. So, I just took all of my research and journalism, and put it out for just a free download online, uploaded a PDF, and 20,000 people downloaded it in the first two weeks.

Start Reading

If you’re searching for your own sober bliss, you can start reading what started it all for me. Download the first 40 pages of This Naked Mind for free today.

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