The alcohol really flows at most annual sales meetings. But what if we don’t want to drink, yet we also aren’t ready to tell people we’ve given up drinking – for fear that they’ll think there was a problem? Annie opens up with advice from her own experiences and shares a variety of ways to gracefully get through these situations.

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How To Avoid Drinking At Work Functions

If you’re trying to avoid drinking at work functions do whatever is going to make you feel most comfortable, if that is going to be making something up (example medication) than do it! I think your comfort in this situation is the most important thing. I remember when I was first pregnant and I didn’t want to tell co-workers yet I would order a gin and tonic and then excuse myself to go to the restroom, find the waitress and ask her to just bring a tonic without gin. Then I would sip at that and get re-fills (yes another one!) and no one was the wiser. If you need to do something like that than do it… honestly whatever makes you feel best. 

Getting Healthy

Another way to avoid drinking at work functions is to say you are on a cleanse, or health kick. People tend to get that. And then when you see them again in 3-4 months you can just say that you realized how much better you feel without it. I think the first time is the hardest – and then it gets easier. 

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You’re Not Alone

Sometimes it isn’t difficult to avoid drinking at work functions. Once I did come out and (never saying I had a problem, but saying I was much happier not drinking so I’d decided to stop) it was amazing how many people – especially these male co-workers said ‘wow me too’. It was like we were all trying to keep up with each other because it was the ‘thing to do’ but no one was really pleased with themselves at the end of the night, or the next morning or back at home when they reflected on the drunken meetings. We just all felt so much pressure to fit in and do it and once I broke the mold so many people came up to me and said – ‘wow, I’ve totally cut-back also. I didn’t even think that was an option before you did!”

Most importantly – Just stay true to yourself.

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