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In her group of friends, Lorraine was the one who liked to drink the most. But that all changed when she found This Naked Mind. Annie welcomes Lorraine, who seemed to have alcohol coming at her from every direction – almost from birth. From her father, who left at a young age because of his drinking to being raised by grandparents who binge drank, Lorraine’s life was always surrounded by drinking. Find out what finally prompted her to give it up for good.

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My Story

My father left my mother, sister, and myself when we were very young (I was 7, my sister was 3) because of his alcohol addiction. The 12 steps worked for him – he has not had any alcohol in 30 years or so. Eventually he made his way back into our lives after we were adults, but we are not very close to him. Every time I would see him, all his harping on alcohol and what a poison it was actually made me want a drink! I hate that he was right, but I don’t tell him that!

Who Can Drink The Most?

I grew up with my 2 maternal grandparents. When my mother moved in with her 2nd husband, I refused to go with them. My grandparents were big weekend drinkers – they worked hard during the week as a house cleaner and in construction. When the weekend came, they would get totally shit-faced and I would be left as a young teen to help clean up and bring my grandma warm washcloths the next day. They were often violent and I had to get in between them plenty of times.

It was like a contest on who could drink the most. It turned them into crazy people. Anything that could be thrown at my grandfather probably was thrown at some point, including dinners, headlocks, screaming and even butcher knives and fireplace pokers were not uncommon.

Hiding My Drinking

Fast forward to my 40’s, and it just kept sneaking up on me. I needed a little more than my wife to catch a buzz, so I would hide bottles around the house to take a swig or two extra when I could sneak it. I acquired a taste (if you can call it that!) for whiskey, and loved Vodka and Gin. Mid 40’s –> I would wake up feeling shitty, but not throw up any more because my tolerance was pretty high. I’d think back and count about 8 drinks – maybe beer and whiskey and gin and then wine to cap off the night. Wondering what the hell I was doing and why I could not stop at two. Sometimes I did stop at two, but that was not the norm. My triglycerides were going up (same with my glucose levels) and I just didn’t feel good after drinking. I love mountain biking and there were too many mornings where I just couldn’t get up to go because I felt so shitty.

Alcohol is Everything

Even when I KNEW I had a problem; even when I was promising myself I would moderate, I would cut back, this is the last time, blah blah blah – I was always planning my life around alcohol. “Going to our friends house Sat night, they always have the best wine and maybe I’ll have a drink before we go; OK next Weds we are going to our friends to watch Survivor and that is when we drink a lot of wine; going wine tasting next weekend? YES!”

“Going to brunch (mimosas!!); going to a football game (make sure to drink first and only buy a few of those outrageously expensive beers); OH, its Friday, have to start drinking early; going grocery shopping and Whole Foods has a bar, so maybe a couple beers before I shop…..”

From Being Able To Drink The Most To Not Drinking At ` All

So I’m 51 now, and Dec 1st 2018 I went to see Green Book with a bunch of friends. I was stunned to learn that 2 of them, the absolute biggest drinkers I know, had been sober for months. I had about 4 drinks at the movies that day – I don’t know about Colorado, but in California the new trend is FULL bars at the theaters. If they don’t have booze, they can’t compete anymore with the other theaters.

My one friend looked great, she had lost weight, was really happy, and she told me she couldn’t explain it, just read “This Naked Mind” by Annie Grace. I woke up feeling like crap, the drinks were stronger than I thought, so I immediately downloaded your book and have not had a sip of alcohol since.

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