Fancy bars near Capitol Hill. Cocktails with U.S. Senators and Congressmen. Annie welcomes Raegan, who can relate to the drinking culture that permeates not only corporate America, but also politics. How did Raegan go from being a non-drinker in high school and college to daily drinking and using any excuse to drink, subconsciously believing that alcohol was the answer to all her problems….UNTIL she found This Naked Mind.

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Alcohol Takes Care of Things

In my subconscious, I was starting to think that alcohol takes care of things. I just started to do that. Fast forward another three years I moved back East and I was going to go back and work in DC again. I ended up being attacked by somebody I was supposed to trust.

Alcohol Is Not The Answer

After that my drinking went a nightly thing where I would thought it was helping me fall asleep to being something I did no matter the time of day. My thinking was it was helping me. I don’t know why I was thinking that other than in the sense that my goal was to pass out. And not think, not feel, and that’s what it was doing. So I just started to rely on it for just getting through the day and it was so out of control that I ended up going to a treatment center. And it didn’t really do anything to help me because I didn’t feel like it was addressing the reason why I started and all that. It was just basically do the 12 Steps and all that.

I’m not bashing treatment centers, not bashing AA. I think it’s great it’s helped a lot of people, but it just didn’t help me. Not at all. I ended up blowing a 0.370 on two occasions. On two occasions and I’m 5’4″ and 110 pounds. You know, that’s enough to kill a horse.

Nothing Helps

Still nothing was registering with me. It just wasn’t working. One treatment center didn’t help. The second one helped a bit more because I was dealing with EMDR, which is a special kind of treatment for trauma. What’s in the back in my mind, I go back to regular drinking. By coincidence I read your book. I saw an ad for it. And I was thinking, okay, if the traditional route hasn’t helped me, maybe this more scientific approach will. When I started reading your book, I thought to myself, okay, well I’m going to just cut back. I’m still going to drink. And then when I finished it, my whole mindset changed completely and I don’t even miss it.

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