In today’s episode, Annie welcomes Molly, who takes us on her journey that started with obsessive dieting and exercise. But with life’s curveballs (including motherhood, the market crash, and a hurricane), she began to rely on alcohol as her way to deal with stress. Find out what it took for Molly to realize she needed to regain control of her life – the life that alcohol had stolen from her.

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Healthy Drinking

Molly was always concerned with health. Beginning with healthy eating, then participating in triathlons and finally partaking in what she thought was healthy drinking. The issue was that in everything she undertook from healthy eating to healthy drinking it all soon turned obsessive. Molly found herself trying to outrun her eating disorder, her drinking and her emotions as well.

How To Stop?

Realizing that healthy drinking had long ago become a misnomer, Molly was looking for how to stop. Becoming sober curious, Molly started reading all of the Quit Lit she could find. This Naked Mind became part of her bank that coupled with all the knowledge she’s gained allowed her to stop. As a result, Molly began pursuing the true path to getting healthy with a few detours along the way.

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