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Why would someone who has never touched alcohol want to interview Annie Grace? Enter, Katie Richardson, who hosted Annie as a guest on her podcast “What’s Working Now”. Katie is a personal and business mentor who’s helping others with self-growth and joy! Annie shares her story with Katie and the two of them discuss how Annie’s process can help change any habit. Find out what the ACT technique is and how it can be used to transform your thinking and overcome whatever it is that’s holding us back in life.

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ACT Technique

What I wanted to teach or share, really was this core technique, which I really honed in my second book. It’s called the ACT technique. Especially from an entrepreneurial perspective, it is so incredibly powerful because of all the beliefs that hold us back as entrepreneurs. I’m sure you’ve heard it said that the company only grows as fast as the founder grows. They’re not talking about the founder growing in height or width or revenue or house size. They’re talking about the inner personal growth of the founder.

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Mistaken Ideas

We have this mistaken idea that we need to flagellate ourselves, that we need to beat ourselves up.  That we need to push ourselves into more and more work, and if it feels bad, it must be good. Those beliefs, when you really have things that are putting you in a negative space, or putting in a space that doesn’t feel good, they really hinder your business.

Start With Should

The way that I describe where to use the ACT technique is I would say on anything that starts with should. I should be growing faster, I should have started a podcast already. Or I should be going live on Facebook five times a week. I should be having more subscribers. My conversion rate should be better. All those things really seem true on the surface, but when you actually compare them, they bring us to a place where we actually are operating out of a bit of negativity. So this technique helps with that.

Creating Positivity

I shouldn’t sleep in. Somebody had a major breakthrough with that, like I shouldn’t be sleeping in so much in the morning. It isn’t as much that this is going to give you permission to be a fat, lazy person on the couch. It’s more that it really relieves the negativity and the inner pressure. Then ironically, you are so much in a better head space to go after what you want. The things you think you should be doing start to happen. So it’s kind of this oxymoron in a way.

Why It Works

Why the ACT technique works is when you first touched a flame – Imagine a candle, and there’s a little baby and she’s one-years old. She walks up to it and it’s beautiful. It’s orange and green, and it’s like, oh, my gosh, I want to touch that. She reaches out and she touches it, and it hurts.


Once you know fire hurts, you never, ever, ever have to consciously think about not touching that candle ever. It’s done, it’s dusted. There’s no conscious thought into that ever. You never have to consciously avoid touching fire. That’s because the subconscious mind desperately wants to protect you and avoid pain. So when you reveal to your mind very consciously through this process, that certain things are hurting you and holding you back, the subconscious mind lets go of those thought patterns and lets go of those beliefs.

Using The ACT Technique

We could use this for my business should be growing faster. The process is this, A-C-T. So A is awareness, and that’s just stating whatever belief you’re going to use it on. So my business should be growing faster. The A is so cool, because you just state it. As you work through it, you start to see other things that surface. Other beliefs that hold you back. When you first start something like this, you might have a whole journal of things that you’re like, ooh, I’m going to do it on this one, and this one and this one. The feeling on the other side is so much peace and freedom, that you want it to become all these things. It gives you a really good head space. So you just write down, I should be growing faster.


Then step two is C for clarity. Clarity really comes in a few parts. So the first one is where did it come from, and that’s just two seconds. Why do I have this belief? Is it because I’m in this mastermind where everybody else’s business seems to be exploding? You know, comparing myself to my neighbor. Is it because I have this financial pressure. Why do I have this belief anyway?

Then the second part of C is really doing that candle and flame thing.

This is where you say, okay, how does this make me feel? When I wake up in the morning and I have the first feeling, the first thing I think is I should be growing faster, I should be doing more. How does that make you feel? How do you approach your day? Do you get scrunchy? Get tight? Do you get uncomfortable? Do you start snapping at your kids? Is it that you do not even notice your kids because you’re so focused on your phone and you’re just right into work?

Digging In

Do you forgo all of this other stuff? What happened as a result of that belief? What are all the negative consequences? This is really where you show your subconscious how hurtful and toxic this belief is. The second part of it is, how would I feel without it? What if I woke up and I couldn’t even think that? Like I woke up and I just was perfectly happy with my rate of growth. My business is my business, I’m just stoked to be in it, like there’s no pressure. How would that feel? How would I approach my day? Or how would I treat my client? How would I show up for my family? How would I treat the Facebook lives without that pressure, without that noise? Again, that’s showing the subconscious how much less painful that alternative could be.


Then the third step is T for turnaround. The T is really where the magic happens. The T can be hard, you have to dig deep sometimes, but T is just an okay, what’s the opposite of that belief? So I shouldn’t be growing any faster. At first, you’re like, well no, that’s not true, every business should be growing faster, oh my gosh, of course I should be growing faster. And you get quiet, and you say, well, let me really dig deep and let me see if I can come up with ways that this alternative could be as true or truer.

The Truth

You dig deep and you say, okay, what if there was huge market demand and then my inventory ran out and then I got a ton of really negative reviews? What if I couldn’t handle the growth, you know? Or what if I grew faster and taxed it me so much on a personal level that marriage fell apart. What if not growing faster is actually something that might save my marriage? What if me not growing faster would mean that I’m showing up for my kid’s baseball games, and because of that, my kid’s going to go on to do incredible things, instead of going on to do really nasty things. What are all the reasons I shouldn’t be growing faster?

Let It Go

Then that’s it, you just let it go. I think that’s the thing that’s really magic about it. I mean, some people say they want to be so honest with themselves on this piece of paper that they throw it away, they burn it, whatever. You can do whatever you want, it’s not even to read again. It’s just because now, when you wake up tomorrow, and you have that thought I should be going faster, number one, you probably won’t have it. Number two, if you have it, you’ll be like, oh, no I shouldn’t, and you’ll feel so much peace and it’s just this really incredible process and technique.

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