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Problematic? Not so much. Social and fun? Definitely yes! Today, Annie introduces Kim! Kim is an energetic 61-year-old who became a proficient, enthusiastic, social drinker and stuck with it for 40 years….until her ‘bell of consciousness’ was rung. Was she on the slippery slope of addiction? Or just a fun-loving party girl? Find out the 5 clues that helped Kim decide it was time to resign from her habit of drinking.

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#1: Body Clues to Quit Drinking

I was finally through the last stages of an interminable menopause and as my active (but aging) body shifted, I started to notice that my four-nights-a-week wine habit was not serving me, or my brain. Stubborn back fat, daily brain fog, and regular dehydration were making me feel old.

#2: Conscious Clues To Quit Drinking

I read a book called This Naked Mind by Annie Grace and a new consciousness began to creep into my everyday thinking. As a result, I had grown plain weary of thinking about drinking. ‘How much was too much?’ ‘Why couldn’t I lose that irritating six pounds no matter how much I exercised?’ ‘Can I drive home from book club safely if I have two glasses of wine?’ ‘If I’m such a health nut why am I putting ethanol in my body on a regular basis?’

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#3: Mental Clues To Quit Drinking

I started to get very picky about what made me feel icky. I didn’t want to numb and dumb conversations and emotions anymore, I craved more authentic, soulful exchanges with others, and with myself.

#4: Tasty Clues To Quit Drinking

I fell seriously in love with ginger kombucha, the fermented tea, and honestly prefer its’ flavor and benefits. Now, it is my drink of choice!

#5: Health Clues To Quit Drinking

My desire to ditch drinking had reached an apex, and then a health scare tossed me through the goalposts. Five weeks of acute vertigo—an epic wipeout—convinced me beyond a shadow of a doubt that I would never consciously put my body in any kind of deficit situation ever again. Finally, the grace to say farewell to booze lead me through a door, and when I looked back, that door had vanished.


I can say unequivocally that I live alcohol-free with zero effort. No meetings or support groups, no cravings or daydreams, no awkward moments of choice making, no mooning for the past. Nothing. I know that kind of bold statement might make you incredulous. It’s a huge mental and emotional jump and my frame of reference can be polarizing and paralyzing for drinkers vs. non-drinkers. But you see, once the bell of consciousness has been rung, the brain can’t really un-ring it.

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