I know I need to give up drinking and I plan to do this, but I absolutely love the taste of one specific drink! What’s the best way to go about giving this up? Or can I find something to even replace it with that’s non-alcoholic? Annie shares some powerful information on how powerful our minds can be with associating things together. Find out what the American Association of Wine Economists found in a fascinating study done with wine tasting.

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Love The Taste of Beer

I think that sometimes we can actually use this, “But I just love the taste of beer,” as a rationalization when the truth that is underneath it is a bit deeper and a bit less psychological and more almost physiological. The first thing I would tell you to do is to do a blind taste test. Get some Bud Light, get some Coors Light. Get a few other beers, and get a few non-alcoholic beers. You’re drinking beer anyway, so just have somebody help you to make it really pure. Do a completely blind taste test of at least five to six beers, and let us know. I want to know if you can really actually truly distinguish Bud Light in a taste test. If you can, I’ll be interested to know that too. But consider that this might be a rationalization to keep you drinking.

Rationalizing If We Love The Taste of Beer

The taste of something, it’s sticky and you can hold onto it. If you have an affinity for a brand and a specific taste, we definitely like to believe that we are in control. That we know when we really like something. We’ve developed this emotion around it. We believe pretty certainly that this taste is so important to me. But as true as that might be, just maybe consider the alternative. The alternative is that there’s a possibility that you’re just unconsciously rationalizing this taste because you have a bit of a physical, psychological or emotional dependence on the alcohol itself.

It’s Easier

It’s much easier to say, “Okay, well, I just love the taste. I never drink anything else. Never have a glass of wine. I only have a Bud Light, and it’s just the Bud Light. By the way, I drink 10 of them a night.” It’s much easier to say, “Well, it’s just for the taste,” than it is to kind of take a harder look at the alternative. That it might be that something else is going on. Something that has much more to do with the fact that alcohol is addictive to human beings than the fact that it’s just that you love the taste of beer.

Do We Really Love The Taste of Beer?

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