Isn’t it interesting that we have to feel bad about saying no to a drink? But since that’s just the way it is, what are some tips on how to say no gracefully when offered alcohol? Find out what kinds of things Annie has done to help dodge the uncomfortable game of “20 questions” when opting for something NA.

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Be Honest

If you express hesitation or provide excuses that are not honest, you risk making the conversation much bigger than it needs to be. Honesty is the best policy when you need to say no to alcohol.

Be Firm

It’s just about being firm and trying to be as graceful as possible when you’re going to say no to alcohol. Giving a health reason can result in the drinker feeling judged or looked down upon. You’ve raised the bar. You don’t want to put yourself in a situation where the host asks, ‘Why,’ as there are a few answers that don’t result in making the conversation awkward. If you simply say, ‘No thanks’ or ‘I’m OK,’ the host will surely ask, ‘Are you sure?’ If people do react strongly to you not drinking, it’s important to realize their reactions are probably not actually about you. More likely they feel the uncomfortable about their own decisions and you’ve brought this discomfort to the surface by saying, ‘No.'”

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Say No To Alcohol

You can say no to alcohol by simply having your hands already full with a glass of water. Just offer a simple shake of the head. No need for an explanation!

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