Often times when we give up a bad habit (like drinking), support groups and online forums can be extremely helpful….until they’re not. Can they eventually keep us stuck and drag us down? Annie answers this question from a personal perspective and shares her thoughts with us on this topic.

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All or Nothing

If I was not doing this because I feel called to get the book out into the world and provide the things that I’ve found to other people, I would not be talking about alcohol every day. I would probably not be participating in alcohol free forums. I probably wouldn’t be personally on those sorts of communities. For me, it’s like drinking diet Coke. I no longer drink diet Coke because I heard it was really bad for you. Certainly I’m not talking about that on a regular basis.


There is a balance to be had, and you truly, finally cement that okay, that’s something I used to do, and something I no longer do, and I found complete freedom in that. Then the need to talk about it is gone. That being on alcohol free forums is a really cool way of kind of paying it forward and providing support for other people. I think that’s a really cool thing.

Freedom From Alcohol

I want to be really clear that most people and many people read the book or go through some sort of spontaneous sobriety or find freedom from alcohol in some other way, and they just leave it. They just wash their hands and they’re done. Like, I’ll use my dad as an example. He stopped drinking before I was born, and it was just over. I mean, he certainly never got together and talked about it with anybody else.

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Alcohol Free Forums

Other people, you know, really need that additional support from alcohol free forums. One of the reasons we need so much support is because we live in this alcohol saturated country. For most people when they achieve some sort of realization that alcohol is no longer working for them. That it’s not important and they don’t want to do it anymore that can carry you quite far. It could carry you for the rest of your life if you lived on a deserted island without any other people drinking, or any alcohol available or alcohol not on TV.


You certainly would never probably think about it again. Or if you never left the house you’d probably never think about it again. The reality is that alcohol is all around us. This funny thing happens when you see your close friends drinking, you don’t quite understand why they’re drinking, because you now know this new stuff and you are completely free. There’s some dissonance there because they’re doing something, and you love your friends, but you don’t understand why they’re doing what they’re doing. They of course don’t quite understand why you’re not drinking.

Closing The Gap

As humans, we want to close distance between any sort of gap inside ourselves, any internal argument, and certainly anything that is happening with us and another person. We want to get back to where we feel part of the tribe, part of the pack, and feel really whole.

Your Tribe

Online communities especially alcohol free forums, provide this tribe, pack mentality when it might not exist in your hometown. So a lot of people continue to need them and want them and desire them for a long time. If you feel like talking about alcohol every day is keeping you stuck thinking about alcohol, certainly do not talk about alcohol every day. Get off the communities and do what works for you.

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