Born into an alcoholic home, Annie’s guest, Jordan, shares with us what life was like growing up in Sin City. Parties that started at midnight; surviving one hangover just to suffer another; and endless bottles of liquor finally led Jordan to break away from her unhealthy lifestyle. Find out if Jordan stayed sober and what life looks like for her now. Did what happened in Vegas stay in Vegas?

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Party Young

My parents were 20 and 21 when they had me and from as far back as I can remember, there was alcohol present: birthday parties (for me), Super Bowl Sunday, BBQ’s, pool days, camping, a beer after work for my parents, 19t​h​ hole after golf. Holiday parties, summer nights, summer days, beers when going out to eat – it was a party lifestyle all the time. Then I didn’t realize anything was wrong, it was just normal.


At 4 years old my parents divorced. I remember spending a lot of time at my grandparents. That’s when my dad started heavily drinking. There has been a lot of my childhood that I subconsciously blocked out, but I remember hearing stories over the years of how my grandmother would have to come feed us and put us to bed.

Party Time

Fast forward to high school, my dad was still drinking heavily. My once sweet and innocent 5-year-old sister was now drinking and doing drugs and I decided to take on the habit as well. Throughout high school, my sister and I still managed to get good grades, take honors classes, and play varsity softball. I was varsity dance captain and worked part-time for the city as a Recreational Assistant. Parties consisted of underage drinking that, more often than not, resulted in huge brawls, drinking and driving, blackouts, being chased by cops, other drugs…you name it.

Boredom Buster

I moved here to Idaho when I was 22. 22 till about 28, I still had no idea that what I was doing was bad. I didn’t think about it. You recover from the next hangover and oh you know, maybe I’ll try to quit, maybe I won’t get as drunk, that kind of stuff. Last year, 2018, I broke up with my long term boyfriend, kind of went wild, thought I was free, started doing house projects while drinking, and then I’d go out during the evening. Things were not so bad the first couple months.

Party Lifestyle

I started dating a guy and we were drinking almost nonstop, it felt like. The party lifestyle was constant. These were bottles. So bottles of Tequila, bottles of whiskey in a night, blacking out. I was recovering from one hangover and then still feeling terrible and starting the next binge drinking session. I quit crossfit, stopped going there. Lost a lot of friends. I just didn’t feel like I was on my game at work. Kind of quit everything I love to doing. Woke up miserable, trying to stop the next time and then he’d come over for a little date night and have a bottle of whiskey and just drank it and got up and repeated it.

All Nighter

That went on until December, the last day that year, so New Year’s Eve. That night was pretty ugly for myself. It started with going grocery shopping, so nothing too crazy. My friends and I stopped for lunch to have tacos and we got a pitcher of beer. After lunch and the pitcher of beer, we stopped and we have shots to go grocery shopping for fun and then went grocery shopping. Following grocery shopping, we stopped at another bar, had a couple beers, pretty much wasted the entire day. Then we went ice skating, this little place here and then we went to another bar. We went bowling, drank there and ended up coming home. Got in a fight with my boyfriend. This wasn’t the guy that I was dating when I was going through the binge. This was my ex, my long time boyfriend. We had gotten back together and came home and he just was pretty mad.

This Has To Stop

So I took off. I left the house at 10 o’clock at night. It was freezing outside. It’s snowing here in Idaho and I just walked around for a little while and just kind of thinking, what was I doing with myself? I knew I had to get up for work in the morning and I knew I had so many things to do and that I wanted to do. So came home and got into more of a fight, cause when you’re drinking, you try to be logical, you’re not really logical, and went to bed. Woke up the next morning and it was time to end the party lifestyle. It was done. This was taking too long to do this. I knew I could and I didn’t want to tell myself that I couldn’t do it. So ended up, today is 59 days.

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