We’ve heard Annie discuss the drinking culture in New York City, but what about the west coast? Those California beaches, the vineyards, and all that sunshine! Meet Michael from Orange County, CA, who shares his Naked Life story with us . Find out what tools he used to make the transition from a weekend binger to a sober life a bit easier. Michael shares inspiring ideas that might just make changing your relationship with alcohol less intimidating and more manageable.

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My Story

I started drinking towards the end of my senior year of high school. Raised in Orange County, California, very sunny out here. I can see all the sunshine right now. Playing sports growing up. I was really busy. I didn’t really like start partying or drinking or anything like that until my senior year. What started getting me into to go down that path of drinking, experimenting with other stuff were two things. One. I got cut from my high school varsity team for soccer, so I had a lot more time on my hands. Then two my parents divorced that year.

Reasons To Drink

Two very, I guess traumatic things happen that I’m sort of led me down a path of a different friends drinking a little bit more. That started weekend drinking for the most part. But that went into college. I lived in Santa Barbara for a couple of years. A party school, it’s known for heavy drinking and all that stuff on the weekends. That was most of my early 20s. Into like my mid 20s, I’m 28 going on 29 now. It always stayed kind of on the weekends. I never really thought to get off work, had a long day of work or school, I’m going to crack open a beer. For me I didn’t really think about alcohol during the weekdays. It would just be binge drinking on the weekend almost every single weekend for years. Sober life all week and party all weekend.

Personal Development

Not good for the health. I didn’t really think about it too much up until last year. It wasn’t having any real significance on my day to day. I still was going to work. Going to the gym, I had pretty decent relationships with my family, but a lot of it had to do with my happiness decreasing and the pleasure that I once got from drinking in high school was going down. The pain of the hangovers was going up exponentially year over year. In 2016 I got really into personal development – I started meditating every day, journaling and it really helped me become more self aware and really know myself as a person. So I started to really figure out what I like out of life, sort of like, and what I don’t like out of life.


It became more and more apparent that what I was doing to myself on the weekends was not good for me and really not good for the people around me. I made half-ass attempts in 2018 to do a dry month or I’m not going to drink for a couple of weekends and nothing was really working. Coming into the new year I stumbled on YouTube and Googling benefits of not drinking for 30 days and I was trying to find other people who were doing similar things. Finally, I stumbled across your work, Annie, and your book, The 30 Day Alcohol Experiment. I read that and I was like, Whoa, this seems like kind of exactly what I want to be doing. Next I read This Naked Mind. Then I did the 30 day alcohol challenge on the site. And I haven’t drank since New Year’s.

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