Is dreaming about drinking normal? And does it mean that I still want to be drinking? Is it possible to wake up “hungover” after a dream like this? While not an expert on the science of dreams, Annie does share her opinion on this question and explains some of her own personal experiences in dreaming of drinking.

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My Take

I’m not an expert on dreams, so I’ll tell you my own experience and the experience of tons of people who have also stopped drinking. Dreaming of drinking is natural and it happens. It can happen over lots of time and for sure it happened more frequently at the beginning. Personally, it happened to me often. I would wake up, I’d be about halfway through a pint in my dream and I’d freak out and panic in my dream. It wasn’t that I was so worried that I was having a drink for the sake of having a drink or breaking some rule, it was more that I just felt trapped again. I felt like I was back in this tangled web of just thinking about it. Because to be honest I hadn’t been thinking about it all that much during my waking hours.

Freaking Out

Waking up would be this panicky feeling. It would truly remind me of how grateful I am to be free. Sometimes I’d have a drink and I’d enjoy it in my dream and it wouldn’t be any big deal. This hasn’t happened for me in quite some time. Laura has the Home podcast. She says that it happened to her recently. She has a post about how it happened to her when she hasn’t been drinking for 18 months. It was a really intensely emotional dream for her. One of those ones where you keep going in and out of consciousness.

Dreaming of Drinking

So yes, it happens. But there’s no reason to worry about it. I think that usually these things are just a reminder of how grateful you are not to be there anymore. Even if it is something that you’re enjoying, it’s completely natural. I mean, there’s a lot of evidence to suggest that what you dream about is something that you need to work out or let go of or deal with that’s being addressed by your own conscious mind. I choose to believe that that’s definitely what’s happening in this situation. So hopefully it just makes you happy that your drinking days are in your rear view mirror.

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