Is it odd to miss something we never really had? When sugar isn’t something that we really had a lot of BEFORE quitting alcohol, then why the insane craving AFTER quitting? Annie leads us to an understanding of the physiological reason we actually do experience that need for something sweet.

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Sugar Cravings

The quick answer to why you experience sugar cravings after quitting drinking alcohol is that your brain has learned that alcohol is important for your very survival due to chemical changes while drinking. Your brain is learning every time you drink to drink again so no wonder alcohol is so addictive. Sugar has the same effect and eating sugar produces huge levels of dopamine. In fact, there’s been some studies that say that the brain can react in a similar way to sugar as to substances like cocaine and heroin. This is survival.

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Sugar is incredibly calorie dense and it’s an immediate source of energy. So if you’re trying not to starve this is a good thing. Today it’s not necessary and it leads to a complete overconsumption of sugar. When you take a break from alcohol the loss of the dopamine response causes the brain to seek out high levels of dopamine in other forms until the brain re-balances and gets use to the lower level of dopamine. Your body has been thrown way out of homeostasis. It is using the sugar to try to find it again.

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