I fear that my break from alcohol won’t be a permanent option. What about my family, who are big drinkers, and my friends who depend on me to have a drink with them? Maybe I should drink socially so that I can maintain my relationships? Annie gives us great insight and answers that will help propel us forward with confidence to continue living a naked life.

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Drinking Socially

Drinking socially is so ingrained in our culture and our habits that it can be a huge stumbling block in the beginning. In fact when you first stop drinking socially people may struggle with the fact that you’re not drinking because it is so counter cultural not to drink. People didn’t believe me at first, they didn’t believe I would do it and they maybe I was hiding something. That there was some dark past that I wasn’t telling them about but I’m a fairly transparent person so they ultimately thought that that wasn’t true.

You are not going to convince people with your words you’re going to convince them with your actions. By not being transparent, you’re not owning your actions so you’re not giving them a chance to be convinced. That’s the first problem with entertaining drinking socially.

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Better Now

Drinking socially can also be a part of who we were and we are afraid that if we stop drinking socially, we’ll no longer be fun. That’s just not true. I actually became a better friend and more fun once I stopped drinking socially. I was actually present rather than half way gone for our conversations.

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