EP 144: Reader Question – Does everyone have alcohol withdrawals?

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My conscious mind has agreed with my subconscious mind and I no longer want to drink! So, let’s talk withdrawal. I haven’t had any withdrawal symptoms the past three nights, but should I be prepared for some to come? And what can I expect? Does everyone get withdrawal symptoms? Annie answers this question for us, educating us on the stages of withdrawal and explains emotional withdrawal.

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Alcohol Withdrawals

The fear of suffering from alcohol withdrawals can be an obstacle when it comes to the desire to quit drinking. Many wonder is everyone suffering from alcohol withdrawals? The answer to that is manyfold and relies upon a wide range of circumstances.

Emotional Addiction

This Naked Mind deals heavily with the emotional addiction we have to alcohol. We hear much about physical alcohol withdrawals but its important to remember that both psychological and emotional alcohol withdrawals exist. Most withdrawals begin within the first 24 hours.

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Stages of Withdrawal

Stage one withdrawals are what many of us have experienced with a hangover. Around the first three days Stage 2 withdrawals begin. Stage 3 hits between 48-72 hours and as a result are the scary symptoms we often hear about. If you don’t experience physical alcohol withdrawals within the first three days you probably will not at all. However, the same can not be said for emotional withdrawals.

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