Today, Annie introduces This Naked Mind’s head coach, Scott Pinyard. Scott will be hosting a monthly podcast called ‘Coaching Questions’, where he will answer some of the difficult, intense questions surrounding quitting drinking. Get to know Scott and his story – how he got started drinking and how he finally got free. Welcome Scott Pinyard!

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Introducing Scott Pinyard

About a year and a half ago, I actually had somebody on my podcast, his name is Scott Pinyard. Not only had he read This Naked Mind and stopped drinking, but he had also started a coaching business and he was helping other people. It was so beautiful and so cool. He was such an amazing guy that after the podcast I said, hey, I would love to work together someday. And he said, yeah, me too. Fast forward and now Scott is the head coach at This Naked Mind. He actually leads all of our other coaches. He does an incredible job, not only training and teaching coaches, but also amazingly coaching people himself and really having huge epiphanies in their lives.

Coaching Questions with Scott Pinyard

What I wanted to do today is introduce and allow Scott to tell his story, which is really important. Also we’re going to be introducing a once a month, very special podcast called basically coaching questions with Scott Pinyard. It’s going to be where he can come on and we get questions. You guys in coaching that are, I mean, they’re hard, they’re intense, they’re deep. You have to wrestle with them and think through them and all of these things. And so this is going to be an ongoing thing where once a month Scott comes on, he takes some of the more difficult, intense questions, some questions that were not getting asked elsewhere and really answers them for everybody on the podcast and just gives you so much value and so much insight and so much just heart.

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