Do I need to go back and relive what caused me to start drinking in the first place in order to fully heal? Annie Grace answers this question using research and study findings to help answer this question. She shares the importance of taking care of our bodies both physically and mentally, including getting enough sleep, eating right, and exercise as a big part of healing from the inside out.

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Address Addiction

So, do we need to address addiction sources to move on? The answer’s probably not the same for everybody, but I think it’s a yes and no. Yes, we can pick up and move on. And yes, to some degree, we probably need to address addiction and where it came from. But, I think the crux of the question has to do with how you feel about yourself. Because if how you feel about yourself is that you want to sort of self-destruct, and drinking is one way we do that very frequently is we …

How Do You Feel?

We started drinking to numb, and it all started very innocent. Once we feel stuck, once we feel like we can’t get out anyway, once we feel like we start to not trust ourselves because we’re making decisions we’re not comfortable with, and once the cognitive dissonance of wanting to drink and not wanting to drink is really high both in the situations where we’re abstaining, but making ourselves miserable and in the situations where we’re drinking, and making bad decisions, and making ourselves miserable, our self-value plummets. At that point in time, I think a lot of drinking can become punishment in a way. We don’t think of it as punishment, but that seventh, eighth beer, when you know you’re going to get sick anyway, doing it and just saying, “Fuck it. What the heck?” You know, those things are because you don’t feel worthwhile. So if there’s things in your life that have led you to not feel worthwhile, I think they need to be addressed.


The good news is that I think that you can overcome, say, an alcohol addiction and open up a lot more space in your mind and life to deal with these things in a much healthier place. Once you address addiction there you might feed it with a sugar addiction or a Netflix addiction. So, I think it’s kind of like a lot of people have told me who are drinking, or doing whatever they’re doing to escape, that they’ve actually found “healthier addictions”.

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I mean, I know people who have turned briefly to other things in order to kind of heal and get past that. But the main question is, are you punishing yourself? Because if you’re punishing yourself, you need address addiction to get to the crux of why exactly that is and go along the journey of really, truly healing yourself in order to get free from this.

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