Sometimes I have close to two bottles of wine at night, but don’t really get a hangover the next day. Why is this? Annie Grace answers this question with science, personal experience, and reasons why hangovers do and don’t happen. Find out why it’s actually not such a good thing when we aren’t experiencing hangovers.

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Hangovers Explained

Today, Holly would like to have hangovers explained. How is it that the more you drink the less your body seems to react to it? Is that even safe?

Science Behind It

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Less Is More

Most of the time I love the body chemistry aspects of how bad alcohol is for me and I’m sure it would be very frightening to know why after years of years of drinking my poor abused body didn’t even react the same way.

This was true for me as well when I was drinking a very regular amount of alcohol every single night because it was just part of my routine. My hangovers went down a lot more. They were not as bad when I was drinking less often.


The important thing to know is what you said hits it right on the nose. The fact that over time your body literally can become accustomed to and tolerant even of hangovers. Hence why you no longer have bad hangovers. A lot of the theories that are out there is that over time you have been drinking for long enough you have become very tolerant of the symptoms of a hangover. You’re used to them, you’re more willing to tolerate them you could be hungover and you don’t even know it.

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