Diet tonic water, seltzer with a twist of lime, diet cola, ginger ale.….to name just a few. If you’re living a sober life, these drinks might sound familiar (and honestly, kind of boring). Annie’s guest, Laura from Mingle Sparkling Mocktails is on a mission to change your drink options from boring and tasteless to exciting and delicious! Thanks to Laura and Mingle Mocktails, you can feel like you’re part of the party again! With Christmas right around the corner, the timing is perfect to discover what Laura has to offer – from blackberry hibiscus bellini to cranberry cosmopolitan – say hello to the wave of the future in social drinking!

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My Story

Mingle Mocktails is a line of non-alcoholic mocktails for people who want to feel part of the party. This product was 100% inspired by my journey, so now I’ll start back. My story is actually similar to you, Annie. I grew up in southern California, in San Diego, went to college, got a job in sales and was very always highly motivated to be a successful businesswoman.

What I Always Wanted

My mom reminded me over Thanksgiving, she’s like, “You always wanted to wear a power suit, you know, you wanted to have an office” and all that stuff which rang true and that’s what I ended up doing. So I developed a career in sales and within that career there was a lot of activities involving drinking. Now, growing up I had my own experiences drinking as many of us did, and I did drink more than most people at various times, but it was really in the workplace. As I got older in my 30’s and such where drinking became more of a prominent part of my life.

Drinking Like It’s Your Job

What I found was when I was at work events participating in cocktail parties, and business dinners and receptions, I loved those two, three, four glasses of wine. You can see how I started with two but it quickly went to four, and that became a problem. Discovering that I was looking forward to drinking more than looking forward to the business at the events. I called myself out on it.

Time To Stop

It was about four years ago in our neighborhood, I live in Philly now, a lot of ladies were doing juice cleanses, and my very best friend who lives in Sonoma, California, she was doing it as well. All of these people looked so vibrant and they looked like they were glowing, so I thought I’m going to try it. When I did this juice cleanse, I had to quit drinking. I noticed two things. Number one, it was super hard for me to do that, like super, super hard. Number two, I felt a heck of a lot better.

Social Drinking

I made a decision to stop, and it was really hard. I’m not going to lie to you, it was so hard. The biggest challenge I found was that when I went to social events or work events where alcohol was served, I felt like a fish out of water especially in the beginning. I mean I can remember specific neighborhood gatherings I went to where they’re like, “Well, you know, the drinks are over there”, and it’s like white wine and beer and cocktails. I’m like, “What do I drink?”

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Needing More

Going through this transition of not drinking, feeling a heck of a lot better and understanding that there were some bigger challenges in myself that I put at bay, I started looking at the opportunities present. A Super Bowl party I went to in the neighborhood. During the course of the Super Bowl, I drank a two liter bottle of seltzer while I was sitting with the gals around the kitchen table and people were watching the football game.


I knew I finished it because I was the only one drinking it. Came home and I thought I don’t even like seltzer, certainly there is something better out there. Going online and looking up mocktails, and finding that there was a wealth of information about mocktails. It’s trending, millennials are drinking less, restaurants are supporting it, all these beautiful things. I’m like, “Uh, ready to drink mocktails. What are they?”, and nothing came up.


This is where my journey transitions to continuing to live a sober lifestyle, to empowering others to feel part of any occasion with a premium mocktail, because if we don’t drink wine, it doesn’t mean we want a diet coke. My inspiration to start Mingle Mocktails is the spirit of enabling everybody to feel part of the occasion, socially connected and having something special that makes them feel cared for as opposed to a soda or water.

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