What’s the deal with triggers? And how do I deal with them? Annie delivers an answer for this common question, that will help us connect the dots and understand why triggers and cravings are so problematic, including the role dopamine plays in this issue. Annie takes it one step further and gives us hope, by explaining that YES…triggers can eventually be a non-issue if we use our conscious mind to change the structure of our brain.

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Dealing With Triggers

When you decide to stop drinking dealing with triggers can be a hard road to travel. There are things you can do to make it easier and eliminate the temptation when dealing with triggers.

Be Mindful

First off – Be incredibly mindful – and record all your existing triggers and temptations. Dealing with triggers is impossible if you don’t know what they are.

Once you’ve gotten really clear on when / where / who your triggers are create new routines. At first I always brought my own drinks to parties. I knew that the part of me that likes to please everyone was strong. I hated to say no or make people feel uncomfortable. If I already had something in my hand it eliminated people offering me anything. That was great. I created a new nighttime routine – most of us use substances at specific times. Dealing with triggers is easy when you prepare yourself for them and how to get past them.

Start Reading

Learn more about dealing with triggers. Start reading This Naked Mind today!

Don’t Look Back

Once you make your decision, whether it’s a year or a lifetime, don’t look back. I don’t mean don’t think about drinking – that’s impossible or try to suppress your thoughts – also impossible and in fact studies show that makes things worse, I do mean that you should go deep into your feelings, and your cravings. Dealing with triggers means you must be comfortable in exploring your mind and your emotions.

Get Out

Finally, sometimes the best way to go about dealing with triggers is to have an escape plan. There is no shame in knowing that you need to remove yourself from a situation. That shows strength.

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