What is the problem here? Why do I consistently break my sobriety at 12 days? In today’s episode, Annie hands over some great resources to help us overcome those “sticky” spots of sobriety. We will learn about the art of ‘urge surfing’ and the 3 C’s, to name just a couple of the ways to help us through.

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Urge Surfing Meditation
Claudia Christian – 3 C’s

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Why Can’t I Stay Sober?

Hanna can’t understand why she can’t stay sober for more than 12 days. She says – I have this stubborn belief that the longer I’m sober the closer I am to relapse. I feel cravings getting bigger the longer I’m sober like a tension that builds up. Sometimes it makes me scared to be sober because I noticed that if I drink every day a little it is better for me than not drinking. This keeps me stuck.


It’s very common for people to have a set number of days that are their trigger. The next time you do a period of sobriety I’d like you to really journal every single day and write down what those cravings feel like and figure out if there’s a reason behind why you feel you can’t stay sober.

Question It

Try to determine if there’s some belief that is contributing to the fact you can’t stay sober. Is there a belief you haven’t knocked down? Do you just not feel that life will be fun? Do you feel like you won’t be able to relax? Is it just completely a thing that you can’t even put into words? A lot of times when we feel cravings that build over time it is mental. Physiologically at 12 days your cravings should be physically decreasing or almost non-existent because your body has to add enough time not only to purge the alcohol but to rebalance itself.

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