In today’s episode, Annie gives us a sneak peek at an upcoming podcast she will be doing with an inspirational man she met during a recent speaking engagement. Listen in as Annie shares why she finds this individual to have a story worth sharing. Annie also refreshes us on some alarming statistics surrounding the culture of alcohol in our country – sobering statistics we all need to hear.

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Lady Boss Live

I actually spent the last two days in Nashville, Tennessee. I was speaking at a conference of 1000 women, it’s called Lady Boss Live, and it was an incredible conference. Lady Boss is a weight loss program that really focuses on the foundation of helping people not only lose weight, but do it by loving themselves, accepting themselves, and really transforming themselves so that the crutch that they’re going for, food, is not central to their lives.

Myron Golden

Lady Boss and This Naked Mind have just so much in common, and I was actually there to speak about the neuroscience of hacking your sugar cravings, which is exciting, and I’m going to put on a future podcast sometime soon. When I was back there, there was another speaker, his name is Myron Golden and I am totally going to have Myron as a guest for our podcast because he has such an incredible, incredible story. We were in the green room where the speakers were before going onstage, and he’s telling me, he’s like, “Annie, I love what you do. I just love it so much. You know, I quit drinking when I was 11,” and I’m like, “Wait, what? When you were 11? When did you start?” He goes, “Honestly, I don’t remember. It was probably around two or three because in our household having beer around was as normal as having a Coke. My dad encouraged us to have a beer like with dinner from as soon as we were drinking anything. There was no exception to that.”

The Ugly Side of Alcohol

He went on to tell me a story about the dark side of alcohol. Some pretty horrific things happened in his life, and I’m not going to go into them here because I want to have him on the podcast, so he can share them with you himself. He goes, “So, when I was 11, when I was finally old enough to have, ‘What did I want in my life? How did I want my life to be different?’ I actually quit drinking.” I said, “Wow, that’s so powerful to have that kind of self-knowledge at 11.” This person, Myron, is just a crazy, insane, amazing human being. He’s one of these people that you meet, and he literally changes lives. He’s a motivational speaker, he’s absolutely amazing. To have that awareness at 11, and I said, “What made that choice for you? Why did you do that? Why did you quit at 11?”

The Contrast

He goes, “The main reason, for me, was that the ugly side of alcohol was so much uglier than the pretty side of alcohol was pretty,” and he goes, “The entirety of the pretty side of alcohol comes from people who want to sell you alcohol. They make it pretty, and then it infuses itself into our society as a profit generating machine, which then we try to make glamorous because that’s what we’ve been programmed to do through the media, through Hollywood, through society, and so we go on to perpetuate this idea that drinking is sexy. Drinking is glamorous. Drinking is fun. That alcohol has a place in upper crust society. That alcohol has a place at every single sporting event.”

Lipstick on a Pig

“The crazy thing about it is that no matter how good, or how many billions of dollars are paid to make alcohol look good it can never ever … if you were put it on scales and you had on one side of this set of scales you had how good alcohol can look to people, how glamorous, how sexy, what’s the pretty side, what’s the martini, what’s the Marilyn Monroe with her drink, what’s the 007 shaken not stirred, what’s the pretty side of alcohol and then you had on the other side what’s the ugly side of alcohol,” he’s like, “Even though,” and Myron teaches a lot of Bible based stuff, he goes, “Even though there is drinking in the Bible, and even though I don’t think that drinking is necessarily biblically wrong,” he goes, “The ugly side of alcohol is so much uglier. The scales, it’s not even fair. I mean, they just tip so far because the ugly side of alcohol …”

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