Are there rules about how to begin this process of going alcohol free? Should we force the issue of going cold turkey? Annie Grace shares her thoughts on finding peace with starting the process of quitting drinking.

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How To Quit Drinking?

Helen asks, “I have listened to the audio course every day for about two and a half months. While I haven’t stopped drinking, my perception of wine has definitely changed. I find if I can resist that first drink, the rest is easy. When you first questioned if you were drinking too much and started doing all your research for the book, did you continue to drink but in smaller quantities, or one day did a light bulb moment happen and everything clicked and you decided to quit? Thank you for your course, it’s been extremely helpful in my journey.”

Cutting back

So, I did drink in smaller quantities just somewhat naturally over the course of doing the research, because there was something about becoming aware. It was like waking up, in a sense. It’s interesting, because a lot of people … you know, I say at the beginning of the book, I say, “Look, don’t cause any sense of deprivation. Keep drinking through the book. Keep drinking through the audio course, until you feel like you want to make a change. You need to want to make this change.”

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Starting the process of quitting drinking

And I know that’s different than other approaches out there, but for me, what was going to work for me was really ending my internal struggle and ending the cognitive dissonance that I had around drinking. And cognitive dissonance can come from two things, right? It can come from doing something you don’t want to be doing, like drinking when you don’t want to be doing it, and then feeling guilt around that. Equally, it can come from not doing something you do want to be doing, and then feeling a whole sense of deprivation and missing out.


Neither one of those options were good enough for me. And I mean, that was just the blunt reality of it. I didn’t want to be in a sense of deprivation or missing out or thinking that I was forcing myself to do something. I really wanted to come to a place where I actually convinced myself wholeheartedly, with all of my brain, that I didn’t want to drink anymore.

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