EP 05: Exploring Willpower with Dr. Amy Johnson

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Dr. Amy Johnson author of The Little Book of Big Change joins Annie Grace to talk about thoughts, cravings and willpower. A truly powerful episode!

The Little Book of Big Change

Today I’m joined by Dr. Amy Johnson, author of ‘The Little Book of Big Change’. Her insight into exploring willpower and thought processes and how to not let habits overcome you, along with her incredibly positive approach is just phenomenal.

Personal Experience

Amy talks about her personal struggles with habits and addictions. Quickly she saw how the harder she worked the more she would use willpower and the less this goes in her favor in the big term in the big picture. Amy says “And so six, seven years ago now, I came across this understanding of of it’s really kind of a new paradigm for psychology. Like how our mind works. It is a spiritual and psychological kind of understanding of things and neuro science, it all kind of comes together. For me that just did it. It’s like I had some insights and it was just easy. I just saw it differently. Fairly quickly, not instantly. It was easy and so in the years since then I’ve just looked at that a lot and tried to see like how can we break it apart and dissect it so that we can share this with other people?”

Exploring Willpower

If our affirmations don’t work and all of our thought changing doesn’t work and all our willpower doesn’t work then we’ll drink or eat. We know we’re meant to feel good and that’s torture. I think it’s so cool to see how our thinking comes up and it is just so real and we’re always just doing the best we can. It’s just that for most of us and for me too for a really long time, the best we can do looks like oh well let’s change this thought or let’s let’s take a bubble bath, go for a walk, journal. Sorry that’s not cutting it here.

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We're Human

Clearly I’m weak. I know better. Clearly I’m self-sabotaging. Why else would I be doing this? From that thinking it just looks so obvious. But to flip that and to see exactly what you just said, like, no, we’re just, we experience life from our moment to moment thinking. We cannot experience life separate from our whatever is there in our minds in that moment.

Exploring willpower means seeing things for what they are.

We all have glasses on and we’re just seeing out of the glasses. You can’t take them off. So from those glasses, if you’re wearing red tinted glasses and then you’re mad at yourself because everything looks red, it’s ridiculous and it’s just going to make it so much harder to change. You know it’s going to, because then you feel worse and then you need more drinks. That actually compounds the problems so it’s important to start to just see how this works in a clear and accurate way because it’s such an amazing, kind system we’ve been given. The human design is incredible. When we really come to understand it we get to work with it rather than trying to manipulate it and fight thoughts and do this and that change it.

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