Dry January offers healthy alternatives to alcohol

Whatever your reasons, participating in Dry January could lead to better sleep, fewer calories, and healthier habits overall. This month offers healthy alternatives to alcohol for those who seek them.

Helpful Books, Apps to seek hralthy alternatives to alchol

There are apps available to help you stay on track, like Try Dry and Less, as well as several books about the journey of sobriety, such as “Quit Like a Woman,” by Holly Whitaker, and “This Naked Mind,” by Annie Grace.

Cutting alcohol out for a month offers up a chance to redefine what relaxes you, and to opt instead for activities like meditating, working out, or journaling.

It also gives some space to notice what triggers your desire to drink, and to manage those triggers in healthier ways. You may even find that you prefer life without it.

Start Reading

Healthy alternatives to alcohol begin with your mindset. Start reading This Naked Mind for free now and change how you think about booze as well!

‘A twist on tea’

“I think a lot of people’s go-to would always be like a fruit punch type, where it’s basically just all the juices, a little bit of grenadine, and a little bit of Seven-Up … My other favorite is doing a twist on tea. If you have a tea syrup, which is easily my favorite, I would do that with a tonic. So then you kind of have like this gin and tonic essence without the alcohol.”

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