Try These 7 Amazing Drinks For Sober September

While we might not be fans of the word sober at This Naked Mind – we are huge fans of taking a break from alcohol – no matter what month it is! In fact, our very first Alcohol Experiment kicked off during the month of September five years ago! One thing we’ve learned over the years is that while taking a break from alcohol is great, it shouldn’t mean you’re also taking a break from doing the things you enjoy in life. So we went to our coaches who will be guiding the October class of The PATH: Freedom Accelerated and asked them for their tips on everything from how to handle social situations when you’re not drinking to what to drink instead. You can find much of that advice in The Alcohol Experiment Companion Kit but we’re sharing the 7 best drinks for Sober September with you here right now!

drinks for sober september

7 Amazing Drinks For Sober September

Lime and Tonic Refresher

drinks for sober september lime and tonic refresher

Rachael Layton is a This Naked Mind Certified Coach from Down Under! She helps women who are concerned that alcohol has gone from a social pastime to an unhealthy crutch to cope with the stress and challenges in their lives. Her one-on-one coaching and tailored programs help them to gain back control over alcohol and live healthier and happier lives.

Rachael believes that you don’t have to hit ‘rock bottom’ to realize that drinking is having a negative impact on your physical and mental wellbeing. As someone who used alcohol to destress to cope with a busy life, it was a game changer to realize that taking back control of her drinking added to her life rather than took away from it.

One way Rachael maintains control is by enjoying tasty and alcohol-free refreshments. She’s a firm believer in kepping it simple and that’s easy to do with this drink!


8 oz tonic water

2 oz freshly squeezed lime juice



Pour tonic water into a chilled glass. If you have a muddler, squeeze the juice of the lime into the bowl and add mint sprigs. Muddle well and add to your glass. If you do not have a muddler you can use a bowl and a wooden spoon.

Garnish with fresh mint sprigs.

Pumpkin Spiced Mocktail

drinks for sober september pumpkin spiced mocktail

Debi Talbert is a This Naked Mind Certified Senior Coach. She has helped people have not only Sober September’s but also Alcohol-Free August’s, Dry January’s, and so much more while leading them through The PATH, Live Alcohol Experiments, and coaching them one on one.

Debi Talbert is the owner/creator/founder of Jumpseat Coaching and the Host of Exit The Drinking Life Podcast. In addition to being a certified senior coach with This Naked Mind, she’s a Tiny Habits Certified Coach.

She ended her turbulent relationship with alcohol on September 1, 2016. Debi’s passionate about helping those who believe it’s too late in life for them to change. Debi views life as only just beginning at the age of 50!

She offers private one-on-one coaching as well as small group programs. She’ll guide and support as you create one new tiny habit at a time to achieve your desired outcome. She’s all about celebrating every tiny change you make. Before you know it, you’ll stop believing “I can’t change” and start believing “I am the kind of person who can change”.

One change Debi has made is what she pours in her fancy copper mug! These days she loves to make a Pumpkin Spiced Mocktail and you can too!


4 oz Lyre’s Dark Cane Spirit

1-2 Tbsps Skinny Syrups Pumpkin Caramel


Pour the dark cane spirit into a copper mug. Add pumpkin caramel syrup and mix well.

A Better Bitter

Wendy Thompson is a This Naked Mind Senior Certified Coach! She took back her amazing life over four years ago when she quit drinking alcohol.

The most powerful shift for her was the psychological gain from quitting alcohol.  Finally feeling like she walked into alignment with her true nature, and casting the demons of shame, guilt, and insecurity aside.  Living in clarity, control and consciousness allows her to become the best version of herself, both unapologetic and accepting of her flaws and of others’.  It has allowed Wendy to lock-in with herself in a conscious, present, and open manner that leads to real connections with the people and events in her life. She’s no longer hiding part of herself, playing small or procrastinating.  She’s here to shine as brightly as she can. She simply did not exist like this when alcohol was in her life every day.

Wendy truly believes that you deserve Joy. You deserve Growth. And alcohol makes both nearly impossible.

Wendy shares one of her favorite drinks for Sober September so you can grow. Starting with changing what you pour!


Splash of bitters (the choices are endless!)

Soda water (Or flavored sparkling water)


Pour soda water or sparkling water into a wine glass (no ice). Add a splash of bitters and enjoy!

Moscow Mule

Hold on to that copper mug you used to create Debi Talbert’s drink! You’re going to need it again to make Amy Edwards version of a Moscow Mule!

Amy battled anxiety for most of her adult life. Her glass of wine or the pint of stout beer she would have on Friday gave her relief. Unfortunately, that relief turned into an almost daily habit of wine o’clock or beer thirty.

One day she was just sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. So she decided to take a break from alcohol and examine her habits around it. Only then did RELIEF come, and she started to experience freedom and joy!

Amy knows what it’s like to be stuck and meets her clients right where they are on their journey. Giving them a supportive environment to learn about their beliefs around alcohol, breaking down barriers and moving them forward by making alcohol small and insignificant in their lives.

It’s was also a relief to realize that she could still enjoy her favorite drinks – with a twist. If Moscow Mules are on your lift of faves, try this version of our drinks for Sober September.


1/2 can lime bubbly water

1/2 can ginger beer

1/2 squeezed lime

a sprig of mint


Pour the lime bubbly water into a copper mug. Add ginger beer and squeeze the lime juice in. Mix well. Garnish with mint.

Cranberry Lime Sparkler

drinks for sober september cranberry lime sparkler

Pam McRae is a This Naked Mind Senior Certified Coach! She began her sober journey on November 6th, 2017 and has never looked back. She no longer considers herself sober, but instead calls herself a non-drinker! Alcohol is small and insignificant in her life and she wants you to feel the same way.

Through her journey, she has focused on empowering others through her Freedom Connection group coaching which allows you to realize you are not alone, and that connection with others from around the world is so valuable when starting your sober journey or learning to live a sober life. Pam also offers individualized 1:1 coaching based on This Naked Mind’s methodology allowing her clients to discover a life free from alcohol and a world of opportunity filled with positivity, grace and compassion.

Pam’s niche is helping individuals stay sober during grief. Her personal experience, knowledge and guidance can help you stay focused during an extremely difficult time in your life.

Pam’s favorite drink is a Cranberry Lime Sparkler and now you can enjoy one too!


6 oz Soda water

2 oz Cranberry Juice

1/2 a lime, squeezed


Pour soda water or sparkling water into a glass. Add cranberry juice and a squeeze of lime!

Get Gruvi

drinks for sober september dry secco

Suzanne Nissen helps purpose seeking women live richer, fuller and more meaningful lives by giving them the tools and psychology to live an alcohol free life.

Suzanne is a wife, mother, dental hygienist and the proud “Sugar” (Grandma) of four boys. Suzanne’s first love is her family, but exercise and volunteering are close behind. In March of 2020, Suzanne said “YES” and signed up for a 21-day reset. She discovered “This Naked Mind” and 21 days turned into 586 and counting. What started out as a short journey to learn moderation, led her to this place where she is in complete charge of her drinking and has no cravings to quench. She had no idea that saying “No” to alcohol would have such a life changing effect on her body, mind, and relationships.

With grace, compassion, and the utmost confidentiality, Suzanne empowers purpose seeking women to rewire their relationship with alcohol and other habits holding them back from a fuller, more vibrant future with loved ones.

Suzanne understands that sometimes we don’t want to put any effort into relaxing with a drink. That’s why her drink for Sober September doesn’t have a recipe – she just thinks you should get Gruvi! Grab a glass and pour yourself some Gruvi Dry Secco to unwind!


Turmeric Twist

drinks for sober september turmeric twist

We have one more drink to share with you that was suggested by a member of The PATH. It sounded so tasty and so unique we just knew we needed to include it in our drinks for Sober September.

If your health is one of the reasons you’re taking a break from alcohol than this drink will go a long way towards healing you. It’s packed with powerhouses like turmeric, apple cider vinegar, honey, and ginger!


1 Tbsp honey

1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar

1/2 tsp lime juice

1 tsp fresh turmeric (grated) or 1/4 tsp dried

1 tsp fresh ginger (grated) or 1/4 tsp dried

1 cup ginger beer or ginger sparkling water


1- 2 Tbsp hot water


Combine honey, apple cider vinegar, lime juice, turmeric, and ginger in a jar or glass. Stir until the honey is diluted. Add 1- 2 Tbsp hot water, mix well. Cover and refrigerate. For less intense flavors remove after two hours. To increase flvor steep for up to one day.

Strain the mixture through a fine-mesh strainer or cheese cloth; discard solids. Fill a glass with ice and 1 cup ginger beer or ginger sparkling water. Add turmeric mixture and enjoy!

Looking beyond a Sober September?

Are you thinking beyond just a Sober September? Could you use additional tips on taking a break from alcohol? Download our free e-book – 6 Best Tips For Taking A Break From Booze. Click here to get your copy!

And if you’re looking for a community to support you and to swap more alcohol-free drink ideas with – join us in The Alcohol Experiment. It has helped over 385K people take a 30-day break from alcohol, change their thinking, and find balance in their lives!

More Drinks for Sober September

If you need more alcohol-free drinks ideas or you’re wondering if NA drinks are even ok to indulge in – we’ve got you covered!

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