I’m seeing a lot of posts lately about how tempted people are to drink. Fall is ushering in Halloween parties, spiked cider and time spent around a fire pit. For those fresh to being alcohol free, this is a huge trigger. I’m here to remind you there is no “drinking” season.

drinking season

There’s Always Excuses

If you’re looking for a reason to drink, it is easy to find a drinking season regardless of the time of year. Fall has the reasons mentioned above. Winter brings you Christmas and New Years. Spring has Spring Break, St. Patrick’s Day and so on. Summer has it’s own holidays and get togethers. Excuses are easy to find but they are not a reason to drink. We just associate those experiences with drinking because it’s what we knew before. You change that by creating new experiences and associations. Warm apple cider doesn’t have to be spiked to taste good.

You Can Still Have Fun

I was terrified that by not drinking, I would be missing out on all the fun. How can you tailgate without beer? It just wouldn’t be the same. I was absolutely right. It’s not the same at all. It is so much better than I ever imagined. The funny thing about all of the events that we associate with a drinking season are really about the people. It’s not the alcohol that is making it fun. It is the you and the connections you’re making. Now that alcohol is no longer numbing those experiences for me, I am able to enjoy and treasure them so much more.

You’re Not Alone

The first time you do anything it is the hardest. Especially when you feel unsure on how to navigate it. Having support and guidance from someone who has already walked in your shoes can be so helpful.  One way I can help is with The Alcohol Experiment. You can preorder the book today! There’s also a Facebook group that has thousands of people in it that have successfully made it through many drinking seasons alcohol free and can offer advice.

No One Else Cares

“You probably wouldn’t worry about what people think of you if you could know how seldom they do.” – Olin Miller

The social pressure to drink can be a huge and real trigger. We are all very concerned with what others will think of us if we aren’t drinking. The truth is that Susan and Mike really don’t care that you aren’t drinking.  They are too busy obsessing about their own lives and worrying about what others think about them. Never ever should you sacrifice your health and peace of mind because it might upset someone else. This is your life for you to live your way. No justification needed.

It’s Not Drinking Season

It’s not drinking season. You have created that belief and you can reshape it. Make it Pumpkin Spice Season. Apple Season. Hiking Season. Winter can be hot chocolate season (with mint! Yum!!), skiing season or learn to figure skate season. Spring is garden season. Flower season. And so on. You create the associations, so make them experiences that fulfill you.

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