Drinking A Bottle of Wine A Night – Billie’s Naked Life

Billie found herself drinking a bottle of wine a night way more often than she felt comfortable with. Something needed to change and that change came about with This Naked Mind.

drinking a bottle of wine a night

Exposed To Alcohol

My parent’s social circle was all about the drinks. We would get sips of their margaritas and such as we grew up. They are great parents but alcohol was such a big part of what I saw as being a fun adult. Both of my parents had parents who had severe alcohol abuse. But they seemed to keep their own drinking to a social level.

I Didn’t Start Off Drinking A Bottle of Wine A Night

As a teen, I didn’t party, but there were a couple of occasions when I did drink to excess. It felt fun until the hangover. At 21 I really found alcohol and drank a lot with my husband. I was having children between the ages of 23 to 28. So my heavy drinking didn’t really start until my 30s. Amazing how quickly it became ingrained in my life.

drinking a bottle of wine a night

How It Got To Drinking A Bottle of Wine A Night

I am currently 49. Around 40 I really began drinking on a daily basis. It felt normal, to be honest. All the moms I knew drank wine daily. My sister and I did it too. a bottle of wine a night was not a problem for me. Then I started having vodka and soda before the bottle of wine. I kept bottles hidden under the sink. Red flag, right? I didn’t want my kids to see me drinking so much. It’s painful to think about.

The Pain of Not Drinking Nightly

I really did not think I could get through a day without the ‘comfort’ of alcohol. Mid-40’s the side effects of so much alcohol were hitting me. So many days of feeling horrible when I went to work. My husband and I got in ridiculous arguments over stupid things because we were both drunk. And our kids seeing it. When I was about 46 I had a friend die due to alcohol. I had no idea she even had an issue with drinking. Scary though, this wasn’t enough to stop me from drinking at that point.


At 21 my son was drinking heavily and I didn’t realize it. But on the 4th of July that changed. My youngest daughter and I had to take him to the emergency room because he had too much. She had to drive, I was drunk too.

I would tell myself that I would only drink on the weekends or just one glass. None of it worked.

Giving Up A Bottle of Wine A Night

My sister shared This Naked Mind with me in December of 2019. The first time I read it I threw it down. I thought there was no way I could stop drinking. But I picked it up again in January 2020. My husband was headed to Afghanistan for a year. He could have no alcohol there so I wanted to do the same here. I dove in and on January 20, 2020, I had my last drink. I didn’t know it would be my last. But I read This Naked Mind and The Alcohol Experiment. I joined the online groups and listened to podcasts. It all made so much sense to me. After the first three months or so I stopped having cravings, but it was after the first year alcohol-free that I realized I never needed to drink again.

Start Reading and Stop Drinking A Bottle of Wine A Night

Reading This Naked Mind put a stop to Billie drinking a bottle of wine a night. It can help you too! Start reading now!

The Effects of Alcohol

Understanding the effect alcohol has on your body and mind really impacted me. Annie’s way of giving a visual image of what the path in your brain looks like when alcohol is in effect made it so easy to understand. The deep path to the lake. And as we stop consuming alcohol the path overgrows with weeds. It may still be there, but it’s buried deep and we can create a new, AF path. That image has helped me a lot.

Understanding the societal views of alcohol and how pervasive it is made an impact too. I am not one who could have ever gone the AA route, I feel like that gives alcohol too much control. I am not an “alcoholic” but I was addicted to alcohol. Finding This Naked Mind allowed me to see alcohol for what it really is, an addictive, toxic poison.

the effects of drinking a bottle of wine a night

No Longer Drinking A Bottle of Wine A Night

My life is so much clearer, happier, and healthier. I am incredibly happy that my now-adult children can see that I was able to overcome such a heavy alcohol addiction. And we can have open conversations about it. They do drink, but we discuss it a lot. My husband has actually cut so far back on his consumption that I can’t believe it. I never nagged him about it. He just saw me not drinking. He doesn’t drink at home. In social situations, he drinks less and says, “Billie will get mad at me if I have too much.” This isn’t true but it’s a convenient out for him.

I was even able to donate a kidney to my friend in December of 2021. I would not have been able to do that if my drinking had continued.

Life is Incredible

I have enjoyed our vacations and family gatherings so much more sober that I find it incredible. I could not have imagined that while drinking just a couple of years ago. To Annie Grace and the TNM community, I am so grateful.

Stop beating yourself up, it doesn’t help anyone.

Share Your Story

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