How To Move From Drinker To Former Drinker

Shifting. We do it all the time. To capitalize words. To change gears on a bicycle or vehicle. At work. In relationships. Life is constantly shifting. Yet, somehow when we need to make the move from drinker to former drinker, that transition can seem insurmountable and leave us thinking – what the shift?!?
move from drinker to former drinker


Capitalize On It

We use the shift key on our keyboard to capitalize words and give them importance. When you make the move from drinker to former drinker – that deserves importance too. Capitalize on the perspective shift that you are undertaking here. Give it importance in your brain and your daily life. That means taking a hard look at WHY you do certain things, spend time with certain people and WHY you feel the way you do. While unearthing the WHY can be a bit uncomfortable, initially gaining that deeper understanding brings incredible clarity and peace.

Pick The Right Gear

If you’ve ever driven a vehicle with a standard transmission, you know that picking the right gear means the difference between a smooth ride and feeling as if you’re standing atop a jackhammer! When you move from drinker to former drinker, you need to pick the right gear as well. Move too slow and you’ll find that all your old thoughts and beliefs start to creep back in because not much has changed. Move too fast and you feel overwhelmed and revert back to drinking to cope. Find a speed that sets a pace that feels a bit challenging but manageable.

Pick The Right Shift

Once in college, I had the bright idea to try working a graveyard shift. I’d work at night, take morning classes and head to bed after. That lasted one week. Graveyard shift was not the right shift for me. I’ve heard many times that someone has tried everything to stop drinking and nothing worked. I always say that maybe the issue is that the move from drinker to former drinker may not have been timed correctly. Countless times, I’ve gotten emails from readers saying “I read your book and tried quitting 6 months ago and it didn’t work. I picked it up again and now I’ve been free for 90 days.” Picking the right shift can make such a difference in your success!

Move From Drinker to Former Drinker

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Shift Daily

One of the things about making the move from drinker to former drinker is that we need to shift daily – even if we weren’t daily drinkers. You have to change what you did daily in order to make the change. That can mean shifting which route you take home to avoid the liquor store or choosing to go for a run after work instead of pouring a glass of wine. The changes we need to make will be different for all of of us, but one thing will be the same – nothing changes if nothing changes.