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Kyle knew he needed to detox from alcohol. He turned to The Alcohol Experiment to help him and discovered freedom!

detox from alcohol

Grateful For Help

I have passed my actual 30 days of being alcohol free, and am nearing the end of The Alcohol Experiment as well. I work on a computer every day between 9 and 15 hours. Thus, I did not log in to the actual site often. However, I did purchase the eBook, the audio version of the eBook to read along with the eBook, and the physical book. This was to ensure that I was able to complete the chapters on the schedule. I am very grateful for this experiment, and for the book. I have struggled with alcoholism for a long time. Unfortunately, I started drinking early in life, and was never a moderate drinker.

Detox From Alcohol

About 11 years ago I started drinking heavily again the day that I returned from a deployment in Iraq. Over the course of a few years I ended up becoming a daily heavy drinker. A couple of years ago, I was at the point where all I did was drink, get sick from drinking, and drink some more. If I did not stop I was going to die very soon. As mentioned, this was a couple of years ago.

I ended up being medically detoxed after having alcohol poisoning a couple of years ago (I detoxed at home, but while taking medications prescribed by my doctor to prevent the major issues that can cause detox to be deadly for someone who was as heavy a drinker as I).

Drinking Again

I stayed sober for a few months, but shortly after was diagnosed with COPD Asthma Overlap, at age 31 (they say this is likely a result of things that I was introduced to while serving in the military). One being diagnosed I slowly started drinking again. I tried the moderation game, but as explained in the book this is very difficult. I do not think that I will ever be a moderate drinker.

More Issues

It turns out that an extra treat provided by alcohol for people like me, is that it makes breathing far more difficult. On one hand the hangover causes anxiety, which already worsens these kind of conditions. On another hand it causes inflammation in the body. Since about a week or so after stopping drinking (in combination with exercise) I have not been having nearly the same severity in breathing issues, or anxiety.

I have been trying over the last couple of years, since realizing that I was going down the slope again back to where I do not want to be. However, each attempt has not lasted long.

Detox From Alcohol With The Alcohol Experiment

This book and experiment has been a saving grace by providing several things for me.

– It makes it feel as though you have a guided purpose/mission to achieve. Almost as if someone is there to help you through it.

– It makes it feel as though you have a buddy there with you while you go through the process.

– Annie accurately informs and warns you about the cravings, irritability, and feelings associated with the detoxing and recovering process.

– With the accuracy mentioned previously, it gives you a sense that you really are not alone or abnormal – and that others really have gone through and continue to go through – these same struggles.

– My schedule does not allow for me to complete the chapters in the morning as recommended in the beginning of the book. However, I have found that listening to the audio book and reading along before bed has helped to relax me at night, and allowed me to think about the content of the chapters through the night, and the next day.

Start Reading

Do you need to detox from alcohol? Start reading This Naked Mind – the book that started it all – for free right now!

Mental Detox From Alcohol

The book provides a lot of information that helps convince your mind that alcohol is what it really is. It is a poison that will certainly kill you (as it has already almost done to me in the past). This information gives me something to continually think about when I start thinking that maybe I do just want to have one drink on a Friday or Saturday night. It has helped me talk my way out of it. I have not had a drink since starting this experiment (actually since slightly before starting, as it took me a little bit of time to find this resource).

This Is Not The End

I am going to do my best to continue abstaining from alcohol indefinitely, as I do not believe that it does anything good for me. I no longer have any of the problems or worries that alcohol provided me with. My wife is also probably a lot happier without having to deal with me being hungover every weekend. No longer dealing with me not wanting to do anything (not to mention worrying whether or not she will wake up to find me dead in the morning).

For the time being I am going to continue to do my best to continue on this path on my own, using the information and experience that this book and experiment have provided.

Share Your Story

Thank you very much Annie. Thank you to everyone in the community here who has provided their own feedback, insights, motivations, and who have shared their own experiences. I’m honored to share mine and hope others do the same.