Creating Cultural Change Around Alcohol

Our greatest fight that we need to wage in order to make being alcohol free accepted and normal, is making a cultural change. The alcohol-centric culture that society forces us to accept can’t continue.

The Origins

I wish I could say our booze soaked culture is a recent anomaly, but the truth is that alcohol (as a beverage) can be traced back as far as 10,000 BCE. Why is it then, that the sheer volume of drinking and the issues surrounding it seem so much worse and more rampant now more than ever?

Everywhere You Look

One reason we have seen our booze culture skyrocket is because the message is constantly in our faces. Marketers are in the unique position of having nearly 24/7 access to us now.

Push notifications on your smartphone, targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram, billboards, radio, traditional print and in stores – we’re constantly bombarded by the message that we need alcohol. Worse yet – our children are getting the same message.

Cultural Change

While it seems like a losing battle to try to stem the media messages – it isn’t. In fact, there is growing awareness about the impact that society has on both us and our children. The news media is finally starting to report on studies showing the risks involved with drinking and debunking the “drinking for your health” myths! Better yet, is the fight that everyday people like you and me are waging by sharing our stories and letting those around us know that we’re just fine without a drink in our hand.

No, we don’t need alcohol to relax, have a good time or to be a better parent. In fact, we’re better in every way without it and we want to encourage others to give it a try too. We don’t want to perpetuate that we need a liquid in a glass to make us a better person.

Creating Cultural Change

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Simple Changes

There’s no need to take on the world in order to impact cultural changes. Simple changes make a profound impact. Change the perception others have of non-drinkers. No longer must it be that one must have hit rock bottom in order to eliminate alcohol from their lives. Make others see that now, there are many of us making a conscious, intelligent and informed decision not to drink. You can speak to that without being preachy or sanctimonious. Talk about the positive changes in your life since eliminating alcohol.

Better yet, show others what an alcohol free life can look like. Host a dinner party sans alcohol. Instead, offer good food, good conversation and a clear mind at the end of the night. Plan activities and events with friends that provide a natural high or closer connections.

Cultural change begins with each of us making small, but lasting changes.