How To Do A Commitment Journaling Challenge

I truly believe that without journaling, I would not be as successful in my life and the changes that I make in it. Journaling is a powerful tool when it comes to behavior change. It is part of almost every program we offer at This Naked Mind. Those who incorporate journaling into their journey are more likely to be successful at creating lasting change. Today we’re sharing with you a commitment journaling challenge.

commitment journaling challenge

Commitment Journaling Challenge

Any time of year is a great time to recommit to ourselves and even the resolutions that didn’t stick. A resolution is supposed to be a firm decision to do (or not do) something! That has gotten muddied over the years though. Now we view resolutions as mere suggestions we may or may not follow. So here at This Naked Mind, we’re invested in helping you stick to your commitments. That starts with making a commitment to join us for our commitment journaling challenge! Make sure to grab the free PDF download as well that includes all the prompts and journaling techniques that we discuss here along with a fun bonus!

Let’s dive into our Commitment Journaling Challenge

Emotional Journaling

Our emotions can definitely influence the commitments we make and whether we stick with those commitments or not. Take note of the top three emotions you’ve felt this week in regard to the change you’re working on. Now, take those three emotions, write them down and create a column under each emotion.

In the journal download, you’ll examine each of those emotions closer and look at how they impact your commitments. You’ll see how overcoming your emotion or allowing it to control you will affect not only you but others in the future through these simple exercises. Make sure to download the free PDF below to complete your chart!

Bullet Journaling

Use our bullet journaling page to write, sketch, and doodle what you’re committed to. Place the page somewhere where you can see it each day and allow it to spur you on when you’re not feeling confident. Make sure to include dates, people, and other motivators on the page!

Vision Board

Are you more of a visual learner? Try creating a vision board full of images that is full of the tools you can use to not only make your commitment but stay firm in your resolve to change. I’ve included a sample vision board that I created in the free PDF download. Use the template there to create your own.

List It

Do you love the satisfaction that comes from checking things off? Or do you like having a list to refer back to when it comes to your daily to-dos? Use our List template to create your commitment list. Why are you making this commitment? What improvements will this commitment bring to your life? What resources could be helpful to you? Write it all down here!

Ditch The Paper Altogether

If the idea of doing any sort of journaling that involves paper just turns you off completely, don’t do it. Pick a different medium. Make a video. Create a voice recording. Paint. Talk it out. Meditate on it. There aren’t rules on how you find and maintain your motivation. The only thing you SHOULD do is find what works best for you. That can be vastly different from what I or someone else has done. That’s ok!

Grab Your Free Commitment Journaling Challenge Download

If you’d like to join me for this free journaling challenge and want to be in the loop for our future journaling themes – make sure to download the free PDF we’ve created to help guide you through the steps we’ve outlined here. There’s also a fun bonus activity that can help get your creative juices flowing! If there’s a journaling theme or practice you’d like to see featured in the future – let us know!