Wendy K. White


Wendy works with small business owners and entrepreneurial women who are successful in most areas of their lives and typically can keep all of their “plates spinning.” They are smart, hard-working, capable, and disciplined, yet they have found alcohol to become a sticking point for them.

Wendy currently owns a fitness studio where she teaches reformer pilates (her favorite!) She left her lucrative job in corporate America initially to care for her mother with Alzheimers, but then began to pursue an entrepreneurial path. She and her husband have enjoyed restoring 100+ year old buildings in their quaint suburban downtown. She established and ran a healthy food cafe, craft cocktail bar, fitness studio, and luxury airbnb in one of the restored buildings. She reinvented her fitness business, closed her food and beverage business, and sold her AirBnb all during her first year alcohol free.

The emptiness of regular drinking became apparent to Wendy over a decade ago but she simply didn’t have an outlet for her inquiry until she found “This Naked Mind.” She had some success with month-long abstinence a few times, but didn’t find freedom until she committed to the Path in Feb 2021 (aka her Freedom Family!) where she actually began to open up to others and seek help from her coaches and peers.

Wendy is married and has two remarkable daughters and a rescue cat named Shadow. She and her husband are about to be empty-nesters and will spilt their time between Florida and Kentucky. Wendy has lived a lot of places and calls many of them “home.” She’s lived abroad with her family in Singapore for four years and hopes to live outside the U.S. again someday with Costa Rica being the front runner.

Wendy has struggled with anxiety, depression, and disordered eating throughout her life. Her quest for knowledge to assist has led her to collect a myriad of trainings and certifications that she didn’t seem to be able to put into practice until she removed her daily wine (or bourbon) habit. Now that she’s alcohol free she can see that it was holding her back from have the courage and integrity to help others and to experience life to the fullest extent. In addition to her MBA, she’s become certified as a health coach, plant-based chef, trauma-informed yoga teacher, meditation teacher, and pilates teacher.

In Wendy’s coaching practice, “Be Infinitely Free,” she helps women to look at their drinking with curiosity and compassion and to simply envision what life might be like as a non-drinker. She never intended to choose fully abstaining herself, but remained open to This Naked Mind’s approach and claimed her freedom from alcohol as a choice towards living a richer life. The freedom comes when you can choose to drink or not, when you aren’t shackled to your wine habit, and when you realize that it’s not what’s in your glass that makes you happy. She’s found a lot of commonality with clients who reward themselves with alcohol, use alcohol to escape their stressful lives, and who are used to being the hostess and the friend that’s always up for a fun time. Life has changed without alcohol for Wendy. It’s different, but infinitely better than she could have envisioned.