Victoria English Martin


Victoria is a best-selling author in The Addiction Diaries Anthology, an Integrative Nutritionist with a BS, Dietetics, breast cancer overcomer and advocate, Pilates Instructor and host of the podcast, “After the Crisis”. She had long periods of alcohol-free life, but did not feel “free” until she discovered This Naked Mind in July of 2019. She now lives a life without shame, labels, cravings or regret.

Victoria’s niche is helping clients discover why they develop maladaptive behaviors after trauma or crisis, and leads them toward empowerment, self-advocacy and healing.

When she is not enjoying the beautiful outdoors of Colorado, she loves visiting or chatting with her three young adult children and raising her middle-schooler. Cooking, exercise and service to others are her passions. She lived in Miami for 23 years and enjoys cursing in Spanish so that nobody else knows what she means!

Victoria understands how our past can influence our behavior, and empowers clients to look forward to a healthier tomorrow.

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