Tony Richardson, ALPC


Tony is a former Royal Australian Air Force member who served for 21 years before leaving to pursue a successful long-term career in I.T. training and consulting across private and government sectors.

Well-schooled in the art of binge drinking, Tony spent many years questioning his drinking before attempting to go alcohol free in 2007. Using willpower but still believing that he was the problem and not the alcohol, Tony battled through the sometimes-lonely journey of being alcohol free in a world obsessed with drinking.

Eventually in 2016 Tony began drinking again, finding the pain of grief for a friend too much to bear. This set-in motion a period of inner turmoil of having failed at sobriety, blaming himself, feeling shame and hopelessness but finding temporary relief in drinking, in short, Tony found himself right back where he was in 2007.

Fast forward to 2021, Tony again was at the point of seriously questioning his drinking when he found Annie Grace’s This Naked Mind book. It was a game changer and Tony finally understood why alcohol was the problem and not him as an individual. After reading the book several times and signing up for the free Alcohol Experiment, Tony effortlessly made the decision to live alcohol free in April 2021 and hasn’t looked back since.

Now, using his unique blend of technical and personal skills Tony has taken his expertise in a new direction by becoming TNMI certified coach.

Having lived the struggle of trying to be alcohol free without the knowledge and understanding of all the factors that can keep people stuck in their drinking, Tony is passionate about helping former defence force members who have gone onto successful civilian careers but now find themselves in a place where they need to take control of their drinking and find their own path to freedom in their relationship with alcohol.

Tony and his wife live in a small country town, he enjoys the rural life being outdoors, walking, gardening, turning produce into sauces, jams and the like, and as a committed “do-it-yourselfer”, working on the never-ending list of home projects. Whenever he can, Tony also enjoys flying and maintaining an airplane he built himself in his garage.