Tessie Hickey, M.Ed


Tessie is an avid traveller and explorer of life. She is from Bathurst, a tiny northern city in NB, Canada and has had the opportunity to travel the world as an international teacher in her 12-year teaching career. Aside from Canada, she’s lived in China, UAE and Qatar. Visiting new places and trying new things is her favourite thing to do. She is presently back in Canada and settling into her life as a dog mom. She is a lifelong learner and educator and is very excited to use those skills as a This Naked Mind Certified Coach.

Previously a voracious nightly wine drinker, combined with the ex-pat heavy drinking culture, she began to worry about the impact alcohol was having on her health, her relationships and her quality of life. She began her alcohol-free journey in June 2018 when she decided to take a break from alcohol. It was during that time that she read This Naked Mind. Six months later she tried the moderation thing and discovered for herself that alcohol is not worth it. She has been fully alcohol-free and loving it since January 2020.

Tessie works primarily with millennial women who are ready to take control of the role alcohol plays in their life. Her passion is to help her clients make alcohol completely irrelevant in their lives, so they can thrive in life and reach whatever other goals they set for themselves. Her sobriety theme song is Taylor Swift’s “I Forgot that you Existed”. Tessie’s coaching superpower is listening with compassion to help her clients identify and reframe beliefs and thoughts that are not serving them so they can get the results they want.