Teresa Liehr


Teresa is deeply passionate about helping women overcome trauma and adversity.  It is her goal to support women who are looking to find freedom from alcohol, through curiosity and questioning the role that alcohol plays in their life.  She believes that her coaching, based on the profound science and holistic approach of This Naked Mind methodology will help guide women to find their way out of feeling “stuck” from things that may be holding them back. Through her coaching, she helps empower women as they get started on their way to achieving their life goals like starting a new hobby, enjoying going out without alcohol as well as reaching their own goals in wellness and so much more!  It is with grace, non-judgment, and compassion that she helps women find ways to rewire their relationship with alcohol allowing them to have a vibrant, genuine future.

After having bariatric surgery, Teresa found herself dealing with transfer addictions. She quickly learned that her food addiction became a new problem when alcohol took over.  It took a lot of effort to become alcohol-free but once she discovered This Naked Mind methodology, she found the path to freedom and overall wellness with a balanced life.  Having this experience allows her to relate to and coach women who may find themselves dealing with their own battles with transfer addictions.

Becoming alcohol-free in 2021, she realized the many life-changing benefits of being alcohol-free from having improved relationships, to a better quality of sleep and weight loss. Teresa’s goal is to share her knowledge with others and assist them on their own alcohol-free journey. She believes that becoming alcohol-free opens so many opportunities to enjoy life in a new authentic way. She genuinely believes that it is never too late for a new beginning in life. She feels that true happiness is when we decide to put down the bottle and celebrate the new life-changing alcohol-free journey.

Teresa is a mom to 3 adult kids and Nana to 5 beautiful grandchildren. She treasures her 35-year marriage to her best friend! When she is not coaching, she enjoys boating, traveling to new adventures, and cheering on her favorite baseball team, the Seattle Mariners! Teresa loves to cook & bake, go for walks, enjoy the sunshine, as well as enjoying her family and friends and her two dachshunds – Finn and Tucker.