Tabbin Almond


Tabbin has had a long and reasonably successful career in advertising (where she uses her ‘proper’ name of Katherine, rather than her nickname of Tabbin). She grew up in a family where alcohol was an intrinsic part of daily life, which turned out to be excellent preparation for a career in advertising. On joining a big London Agency in the mid-eighties, she took the long boozy lunches in her stride. And would then go on to the pub after work. And that was just during the week. Weekends were when the serious partying would happen. But over the years, her social / work drinking morphed into more hidden, solitary drinking. Not enough for anyone else to realise that she had a problem but certainly enough for her to feel that her relationship with alcohol was becoming increasingly unhealthy, affecting her work and her relationships and making her unhappy.

She tried various ways of giving up, including AA (short-lived) and hypnotherapy (much longer). But it wasn’t until she came across This Naked Mind that she found a method that really made sense her – she stopped thinking in terms of ‘giving up’ and focussed instead on the freedom she could now enjoy.

Tabbin’s niche is helping people working in careers like advertising, media and law, where alcohol still plays a big role, whether it is in the form of client entertaining or after-work drinks. Alcohol is an addictive substance, so it is inevitable that its prevalence in our professional lives will lead to some people becoming addicted. She looks forward to the day when professional people do not have to make an excuse for not drinking!

She is a breast cancer survivor (thank you NHS), and now lives in beautiful Devon where she is able to enjoy long walks on Dartmoor with family and friends. Her passions range from the zen (practicing yoga) to the rather less zen (watching Exeter Chiefs rugby).