Suzanne Nissen


Suzanne helps purpose seeking women live richer, fuller and more meaningful lives by giving them the tools and psychology to live an alcohol free life.

Suzanne is a wife, mother, dental hygienist and the proud “Sugar” (Grandma) of four boys. Suzanne’s first love is her family, but exercise and volunteering are close behind. In March of 2020, Suzanne said “YES” and signed up for a 21-day reset. She discovered “This Naked Mind” and 21 days turned into 586 and counting. What started out as a short journey to learn moderation, led her to this place where she is in complete charge of her drinking and has no cravings to quench. She had no idea that saying “No” to alcohol would have such a life changing effect on her body, mind, and relationships.

With grace, compassion, and the utmost confidentiality, Suzanne empowers purpose seeking women to rewire their relationship with alcohol and other habits holding them back from a fuller, more vibrant future with loved ones.