Susan Walls


In October 2019, Susan read This Naked Mind and realised that she no longer wanted to consume alcohol or give it a glorified place in her life. This revelation was the start of her journey of data collection and self-work, leading her to her journey on The Path. From her own experience, Susan is resolute that someone does not have to hit rock bottom to want to change their relationship with alcohol.

With a professional background in education and leadership, Susan resonated passionately with the This Naked Mind methodology. It brought her freedom and peace of mind, enabling her to develop meditation and gratitude practices to support well-being. Her own journey inspired her to become a certified coach, holding space for others on theirs.

Susan empowers empathetic people who have experienced significant change, challenge or loss, or have found themselves drinking due to the pain of estrangement. Her life as a professional working mum, relocating numerous times within her home country of Scotland and then across the globe, brought many challenges along with joys. She has a deep understanding of the complexities and responsibilities that come with caring for those with additional support needs. Through experiencing grief and loss, she understands the complications of using limiting tools to numb pain and discomfort.

Susan believes that every person has what they need within them to create change and live free from alcohol. Her goal is to empower clients to dismantle thoughts, shift their mindset and build self-compassion and well-being tools, enabling them to live the life they desire!