Susan Larkin


Susan’s mission is to help high achieving women change their relationship with alcohol, find new ways to manage stress and overwhelm and create a life they want to wake up to!

Susan’s career in medical education at an Ivy League medical school started late in her 30’s after working as a stay-at-home mom with her children when they were young. It was then that she started drinking as a coping mechanism for the stress of balancing a career, family life and getting her MBA.

Always an overachiever, Susan found herself constantly hustling for her worthiness, always overdoing it but never feeling like it was good enough, or that she was enough. Drinking was an escape from those feelings and from the exhaustion of constantly keeping so many plates spinning. Drinking helped make her “nicer,” helped her go along to get along. It was her reward for working hard, and her consolation prize for not feeling like her life was good enough. Soon that glass of wine to take the edge off turned into 2-3 or more. She became a “gray area drinker” living an increasingly gray life.

She knew early on that she was drinking more than the “acceptable healthy amount” and started to worry that she might have a “problem” which terrified her.  She doubled down on her efforts to moderate her drinking, which only led to more drinking over the shame and blame she felt for not being able to get it under control! How could she be successful in so many areas in her life and such a failure at this one thing? She told herself, “Who cares?” Finally, the shame around her drinking became unbearable. She couldn’t wake up feeling like this anymore and one morning she woke and said, “I care!”

She attended Annie Grace’s webinar and learned how she could get control of her drinking and go from Aware to Awake to Alive. She decided this is how she wanted to feel: ALIVE. Through the This Naked Mind methodology, she has lost all desire for wine, and a new way of approaching life. Not one of hustle, but one of self-compassion, self-care, and grace. A place of true freedom. She became truly free and went from gray area drinking to vibrant living! 

This journey inspired Susan to become a This Naked Mind coach to help others find this same freedom. What does freedom from alcohol look like? Waking up every day without shame and blame. Attending special events where they are pouring your favorite wine, and not wanting a drop-really! Feeling all the feelings, the ups and downs of life and knowing you have the tools to cope! Feeling empowered and worthy of a good life, without having to hustle for it!

Now an empty nester, Susan is passionate about helping women discover how to get their drinking under control, take back their power of choice, and create an amazing vibrant life!

She offers small-group coaching designed for anyone questioning their drinking, and 1:1 private custom coaching. She also has a free workbook designed to help overcome anxiety around navigating social events, vacations, and holidays without drinking.