Susan Hodgson


Susan is an Irish ex-pat, living in France. A ‘drinker’ since her teens she always attached alcohol to having fun and fitting in. When she settled down, and became a full-time working Mum of three, she started constantly feeling anxious and overwhelmed, and her best days were only ever ‘not too bad’. Her automatic go-to was wine, to de-stress and switch off. She realised she had lost her patience, her sense of humour and had gradually disconnected from loved ones. Drinking was only worsening the situation but she was unable to step out of the destructive cycle.

When she found This Naked Mind, and The Path, learning the facts about alcohol and finding self-compassion opened up a whole new world of possibility. Susan has been happily alcohol-free since August 2020.

In 2021 Susan became a certified This Naked Mind coach and loves helping others find their way to freedom, and a life where alcohol is not important. She helps ex-pats and Mums step out of anxiety, and stop blurring as a way to cope. She believes that whatever your culture, the most effective way of learning to control alcohol is with the grace, compassion and learning of the This Naked Mind approach.