Sue Gamble


Sue is an outgoing, fun-loving wife and mother who enjoys spending time outdoors with her family and 3 cuddly hounds. She has spent her 30 + year career as an Allied Health Professional and has loved every minute of it. She considers herself a lifelong learner, earning a bachelor’s degree in Psychology while working and caring for her children. Sue and her husband also make time to volunteer at their local dog shelter. 

While in the thick of life and all its chaos, she was able to accomplish a lot in a day and seemed to do it well. However, trying to do everything, every day, for everyone led to a habit of reaching for that glass of wine at the end of a stressful day. In December of 2021, after a brief internet search, she discovered This Naked Mind, and the rest is history! 

When Sue realized how wonderful (and less stressful) life could be without alcohol, she wanted to share her knowledge with others. That’s when she decided to enroll in This Naked Mind Institute and become a Certified TNM Coach. Her specialty is coaching people like herself, who identify as “gray area” drinkers. Sue strongly believes that you don’t have to wait to hit “rock bottom” to make a decision to live a healthier, happier lifestyle that doesn’t include alcohol. 

Whether you’ve gotten yourself in a pickle with drinking, or…you’ve just noticed that daily habit creeping up on you, she can help. Once alcohol is removed she’s committed to helping you explore deeper emotions, and gain awareness of the stuff that may have been getting in the way of you living your BEST life all along.