Stephanie Brislin


Stephanie is just your average mom juggling life in bustling Southern California. Except she has a SUPERPOWER: she is alcohol-free. When she first became a Step[h]-mom, before having her own babies, she thought that wine helped manage all the anxieties and stresses of being a working parent trying to do it all. When she learned that alcohol was only making the anxiety and stress worse, it TRANSFORMED her life. She started on the path from using alcohol as her tool to get through life to gaining new tools to ENHANCE life.

Stephanie is passionate about helping other moms who use wine as their go-to tool for all the ups and downs. She recognizes that having young kids at home is challenging AND it is such a precious moment in life. With all the expectations and pressures on moms, she provides support and guidance in unlocking their inner strength and discovering the true role alcohol is playing. Many of her clients are also looking at their drinking habits in relation to their presence in their grandkids’ lives because moms don’t stop being moms when their children have grown and it’s not too late to make changes NOW.

Stephanie helps women take back control over alcohol using compassion and curiosity, without deprivation. She focuses largely on her intimate group program, Beyond Alcohol Coaching, co-facilitated with fellow TNM Certified Coach Jenny Jones for women who know alcohol is no longer serving their best life and are ready to take action. They also have offering in a group setting for women who are still exploring and want lower commitment. She believes a group dynamic offers support and accountability that isn’t accessible with 1:1 coaching, although she does offer a few of those slots for women who prefer direct focus.

Stephanie has been living freely from alcohol since 3/27/2020. While the world was shutting down and people were stocking up on alcohol, Stephanie was reclaiming her power and freedom by removing alcohol. She is no stranger to questioning social norms and navigating real-world challenges.

“To find someone that will enthusiastically provide a calm space and guidance to grow is a bonus. To find someone that you like and respect whilst doing that is a blessing. Working with you is an opportunity for life.” – Eileen N.

“Working with a coach was really the missing piece for me in my journey with alcohol. I thought I could do it on my own through reading the books, listening to the podcasts, and using willpower. Coaching has helped me to examine my thoughts and beliefs around alcohol and kick over the final dominos that were keeping me from being AF.” – Jane W.

“Stephanie…To me you are the quintessential Zen. You listen. You hear what we struggle with and help us find solutions within. You have great patience and kindness. You are genuine and that to me is the most important thing.” – Janet G.