Stacey Crescitelli, ALPC


Stacey is a TNMI-certified Alcohol Freedom Coach. A career in the hospitality industry had her equating high-end wine and spirits with success and sophistication. While expanding her knowledge of wine and liquor to “upsell”, and to make more money, she was also developing some destructive habits and unhealthy beliefs surrounding alcohol. Her defining moment, as she prefers to call it, came on May 14, 2019. After losing a job that she loved, she turned to the only thing she knew would numb her pain. But a tiny voice inside her, which had been slowly rising and getting just a little bit louder with passing time, grew brave and bold this time and said “NO MORE!”. She had hit her emotional, physical, and spiritual ROCK BOTTOM. She was alone. She was scared. She was sick. But she knew she had to make this change. 

Not long after she made this monumental decision, she found Annie Grace’s book, “This Naked Mind”. She devoured it. Line after line; page after page; she was reading the very same words of truth that her intuition had been whispering to her to find. The facade that is alcohol crumbled and her path was illuminated. It became crystal clear that it would be her great honor, privilege, duty, and DESIRE to pass along this treasure trove of information and knowledge to help others out of the deep, dark, lonely hole of alcohol use in which she herself had been trapped for so long. 

If YOU are struggling, if YOU feel duped by the alcohol industry and all the other industries it serves, and you are wishing desperately to change YOUR relationship with alcohol, Stacey can help. She will be honored to walk alongside you on YOUR path to freedom.

“I had the great opportunity of being coached by Stacey. Her compassion, insight, and knowledge helped me see things that I could not. Stacey helped me move through some difficult emotions and with her skills helped me re-frame old thought patterns and see what was truly inside me. I would highly recommend Stacey!”
~Michelle N.

“Coach Stacey brings a wealth of insight and knowledge into various aspects of personal development, coupled with a keen understanding of practical tactics that can be applied to real-life situations. This combination proved to be a game-changer for me! With her compassionate and thoughtful guidance, I was able to implement straightforward strategies that gave me noticeable results. Her approach empowered me to take control of my own growth. I am grateful for the positive impact that she has had on my life.” ~Laura E.

“Stacey is remarkably insightful. Her coaching is a mix of kindness, compassion, wisdom, and power. She is a strong person all the way around. She supported me through a very difficult time in a way that bolstered my own confidence in myself. She listens super attentively and offers up sharp new perspectives and ideas that make you consider things in a whole new way. To this day, her words still ring in my ears when I’m feeling low. I’m grateful to have met her and been coached by her.” ~Nikki B.